Photoshop Top 40: The Contest

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Vector Frenzy

I had to use this "pop art" imagine i made of my friend Daniel for this. I used and abused the pen tool, gradients and free transform for it. Daniel

The Photographer

My thoughts on this image were trying to capture the action and excitement of a photo shoot, with the lights and flash and movement involved. I used the brush tool in conjunction with layer masks, the liquify too to bend some uncooperative pixels to my will, and save for web to have better control over image size and matching to the original with minimal loss. Layered several of my fractal images over the image of the photographer, and liberally applied Photoshops cutout filter to a stamp visible layer. Lots of color adjusts, hue/sat and curves. The Photographer (Click the image for high-res.)

currently bothering me

Just made a spoof on the twilight series that has been shooting here in vancouver.Unbelievable hype. So here is my offering : 1. free transform on body parts, text , flare... 2 vector based text 3 liquify for the teeth 4 dodge and burn 5 hue /sat, curves, layer masks and brush tool for the eyes 6 gradient tool on text to help fade, as well as on lower part of shirt to go to black 7. and that awesome clone source tool , never used that before and it worked out awesome( collar on left side of pic is cloned from bottom) I dunno, just lovin what Im gettin here on the pod and trying to bend pixels to my will! Vampin For high-res, click here.


A robo is in everyone Robo in Everyone (Click the image for high-res.) For source files and the final file, click here. Used techniques: Feature 38, Vector-Based Type ("a robo is in everyone") Feature 37, The Fill Functions (to fill layer masks) Feature 34, Save for Web (saving as jpg at the end) Feature 33, Calculations (for masking my head) Feature 32, The Pen Tool (to help creating masks) Feature 31, The Brush Tool (shadows, dodge and burn, layer masks; say everywhere) Feature 26, Dodge and Burn (with new layers at blend mode overlay) Feature 25, Selection Calculations (for masking and selecting) Feature 23, Color Range (for selections and masking) Feature 22, The Healing Brush (retouching - e.g. at the feet) Feature 20, Free Transform (to fit parts of the cameras to my body) Feature 18, Smart Objects (at the lenses) and many more... What was going through your head: I want to create a steam punk like look. So I began to fuse the olympus camera parts to my body. Best regards from Austria Martin ---

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Wonderful work!

Wonderful work!

my entry

part of a recently completed series which examines the inherent qualities of traversing the internet. In creating a representational mandala, the image seeks to represent the internet from a perspective which identifies with the mapping qualities of the web; attuning itself to the act of connection which underlies the very foundation of the internet. The image is built based on a set of over 200 screenshots taken consecutively while navigating the internet, slices of which build the outer ring of the mandala-like form. Everything within the main ring is built up from the graphical contents of the screenshots, illustrating a complete account of the experience. top 40 features used: Fill Functions Refine Edge Pen Tool Brush Tool Actions Hue/Saturation Crop Tool Curves The Gradient Tool Free Transform Smart Objects Mandala 03 For high-res, click here. thanks for doing these videos every week Deke! I always learn something new about a tool that I barely think about anymore when using. I cant wait to see what makes your top 10!

Lady in thought

In this image I used several of Dekes methods of image enhancements, including healing brush, brush tool, dodge and burn, crop tool, clone tool, (had to take out a jar she was holding) and other tools and techniques I have learned over the years from many his tutorials. She is a housewife and a mother of 6 and a dear friend of mine. I worked on this photo, taken by her husband with love and respect for both of them. Lady in Thought For high-res, click here.

mountain lion in Wilderness

This is the link to my entry.The background is a combination of two pictures I took in the wilderness area of Colorado while I was on a week long mule ride. The mountain lion came from a picture I took of a stuffed lion. I mounted the lion on a rock in a more pleasing environment. I used different PS tools and techniques from Dekes top 40 including free transform, curves, dodge and burn crop tool, gradient tool, Hue Saturation, brush tool, refine edge, amongst other blending modes.( along with some other techniques I learned from Dekes other tutorials on I figured the lion is a lot happier in his natural environment than he was stuffed on a limb in a Sports shop. Lion on Rock For high-res, click here.

Candice 1

Pen tool for partial mask creation Color Range for partial mask creation Brush tool (overlay) to finesse hair portion of mask Hue and Sat applied to multiple layers with soft masks painted back in (skin smoothing, eyes, lips, etc) Healing Brush. Candice 1 For before and after as well as high-res, click here.

My Fifth Deke Photoshop Top 40 Contest entry

This image was not too difficult to do. I composited the model and then added some blur to simulate motion. I retouched with healing brush, clone stamp and free transform/warp tools. Finally I sharpened using high pass filter. All layers were smart objects. Cloud 911 For high-res, click here. (Image copyrighted. All rights reserved.)

My Fourth Deke Photoshop Top 40 Contest entry

This image required quite a bit of retouching. I used free transforn/perspective to correct the size of the right eye which seemed too small to me. I converted it to B&W with the black and white converter tool and then pulled the red channel slider to turn the reds more of a white color. I added layers to change the colors of the eyes and lips and did quite a bit of healing brush and clone stamping to retouch. Black and White with Red For high-res, click here. (Image copyrighted. All rights reserved.)

My Third Deke Photoshop Top 40 Contest entry

This image was more difficult than it looks. I blended three different columns of cigarette smoke together to create the smoke and then composited a skull into it and did quite a bit of masking and hand paint work. I had to do quite a bit of retouching on the subject's face and finally added a B&W layer to him. Smoking Kills For high-res, click here. (Image copyrighted. All rights reserved.)

My Second Deke Photoshop Top 40 Contest entry

This composite image was actually not that difficult. I shot each aspect against a green background so I could composite them out. I color corrected and retouched their skin individually and added a faux HDR look in Lab. I dropped them in on a clouded sky and added text in on a separate layer. Finally I added a vignette layer. The Man For high-res, click here. (Image copyrighted. All rights reserved..)

My Deke Photoshop Top 40 Contest entry.

I pretty much used every single feature that was covered in Deke's tutorials. The idea was "Cosmic Awareness" with a bit of Star Trek thrown in for good measure. I created the starfields and planets in Photoshop and composited the portrait into the image. In all I had about 22 layers. Cosmic Awareness For high-res, click here. (Image copyrighted. All rights reserved..)

Deke On The Rocks

BG layer is Bryce Canyon; dodged & burnt Layer 2 is Rainbow Bridge from Lake Powell; quick selection, refine edge, healing brush, curves Top Layer, our favorite front man Deke, Calcs, pen, brush, refine edge, free transform Topped off with Color Balance layer... On da rocks For high-res, click here.

My "Top 40" Submission #2

In the spirit of the Holidays... Santa's Little Helper For high-res, click here. 1. Smart objects used on text and characters to maintain edit-ability and scale-ability 2. Refine edge to clean up the masking around the characters- they were looking a bit "jaggy" and needed some help, especially when I threw on the strokes 3. The pen tool for making selections around the tough areas of the characters- their feet especially 4. The crop tool to automatically crop and rotate the candy cane into place 5. Color range- to change the color of the stocking top to green- (it started off blue believe it or not) - of course I approached this from a non-destructive direction and created a new layer with a solid color and a mask and clipped it to the layer below with the blend mode set to color (c'mon Deke, give me some props for that!) Not a pixel was harmed I swear... Enjoy!!

The iDeke

My daughter just got a Zune HD so I thought I'd come up with a device I'd love to have. I drew the Zune from scratch using a photo as a guide. I couldn't find the right font for the menu so I ended up painstakingly drawing each letter by hand with the pen tool. I used a gradient mask for the screen reflection and turned the whole thing into a smart object, copied and flipped it for a lower reflection and then applied a gradient mask to it. To add a little spice I came up with a iDeke logo and topped it off with a vignette background from a little tip from Scott Kelby in one of his tutorials. The tiny little icons are the graphic headers from scaled down with lower transparency. Crop and save for web were used too. If they made this thing, I'd buy it. How cool would it be to carry Deke around in your pocket?! I could come with all kinds of jokes for that one. ;) iDeke (Click the image for high-res.)

My "Top 40" Submission #1

Ok so here it is. A picture is worth a thousand words. This one may may be worth a few less, but it is designed to tell a story, to exhibit a response, yada yada yada. The Ingredients: 1.Smart objects to maintain editable text while warping around the cooling towers 2. The pen tool to make selections on the image of the window- all of that is masked off to reveal the power plant image in the background 3. The Gradient tool- I used that to give the impression of the reflection of glass- that is hard to pull off no matter how good you are (even Deke??) 4. Color range to make selections for masking pretty much everything in the image- myself, Barack, Mahmoud 5. Refine edge for all the masking The list could go on, but I'm not here to brag, I'm here to win... Nuclear Sale For high-res, click here. Happy Holidays to all!

Love that Concept

Dude you need to Sharpen the 3rd Person Facial Details

Creative Work I Liked it

Black Seals ... White Reveals...!

Point taken and fixed (a

Point taken and fixed (a little!)


That looks much better ...wish you success

Black Seals ... White Reveals...!

Wizard Of Oz Colorized

A publicity still for the movie. I used the Pen Tool for selecting the parts to be colorized. Used Curves Adjustment layer's in CMYK mode for the actual colorizing. Also used Hue/Sat adjustment layer and the Brush tool. Wizard of Oz Colorized (Click the image for high-res.) To download the layered PSD file, click here.

And the winner is.... :)

Seventh submission... Not much time to write... Brush tool for masking some edges, save 4 web (again... DUH) and the pen tool to mask my fingers... E-620 with Face For high-res, click here.

End of The Decade

John Lemon

Actually, the decade doesn't end until the end of 2010. But, then, Deke always has been ahead of the curve.

2000, 2001, 2002, 2003,

2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009.
Yep. Thats 10 years. A decade, And it ends at the end of 2009. Imagine that.

John Lemon Umm, actually

John Lemon

Umm, actually not. This goes back to the whole there-was-no-Year-Zero thing. End of 2010 is it. There can be no debate on this matter, which is settled science.


Image given to me in color of Coopers Bday I played with it: Cooper TV For high-res, click here.

Not a professional.

But when I captured a great photo of my friend with my digital camera, I couldn't resist coming up with something corny, like this. Don't Drink Paint (Click the image for high-res.) Caption: I took a photo with my digital camera of a friend of mine, imported the picture into Photoshop CS4 and worked with it to create this illustration. I mainly used some simple techniques; find edges, the levels command, and some sharpening functions. Lastly I added the text, flattened the image and saved it for web and devices to create the smallest size as possible without loosing all the details (trying to at least).

Mars Rover Spirit (well my version anyway)

Hello y'all .. this is my 3rd entry..hopefully i'm offering a little bit of a different angle on preceding's with my work. This one (of maybe 5 or so) was inspired by the Mars Rover Spirit, the one that has got stuck on the surface. Again all of the techniques were used in one way or another..great use of smart objects as well as the pen, brush and gradient tools. Use of the smart object in photoshop cs4 is a particular particular getting the shadows right - the rover here is a smart object but clever use of free transform means i can stretch the smart object (after duplicating it and making it fully black with color overlay in layer effects, then changing the object to darken so it lays well on the 'soil', and then reduce the overlay so it feels like a shadow) quite a give an illusion of the sun quite low in the sky (or anyplace i think rocks..haha rocks! get it? lol... )..i can then apply this effect to anything i pop in the scene...which is fantastic...all of the angels will look correct and it will save a whole heap of time (use actions here :). Mars Rover Spirit (Click the image for high-res.)