Photoshop Top 40: The Contest

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I masked my grandsons, granddaughter, and daughter-in-law, and placed them into my sons sunglasses... look close, my camera and I are in there two... Features Used include Refine Edge, Calculations, The Pen Tool, The Brush Tool, Actions, Hue/Saturation, Dodge and Burn, Curves, Color Range, The Healing Brush, and Free Transform. Son Jeff, w/ family in glasses For high-res, click here.


I like The Odyssey Illustration as well... Patience is a PIA... lol

Really, good work nickgreenaway!

Shadow Edge (a fake movie poster)

Having watched GI Joe movie not long ago, and despite the outrageously silly action sequences (which is not necessary a bad thing), I was more fascinated with the cool promotional posters than anything. So I set out to create this GI Joe-inspired piece. I used one base image of Jeslyn (the model) and several free texture images composited for background. I started by isolating Jeslyn using path tool, duplicated the layer before creating layer mask, and desaturated her with Hue and Saturation adjustment. To refine the layer mask, a small amount of Gaussian blur with Level adjustment, and brush was used for hair bits. Background layer is colour adjusted a few times, with several copies on various layer modes to darken the background, zoom blur is also applied to add dynamism. Gradient tool is used to add vignette around the edge. Additional texture image is overlayed on background to give it a grungy look. Using custom (free) brushes, I painted the areas behind the model to simulate a bright exposion. Additional flares are added, in screen blending mode around her arm and hip. Foreground sparks were created using custom brushes on a separate layer (masked) with layer effects. The final logotype design was done in Adobe Illustrator and brought back into Photoshop for enhancements (glow, glossy effect). Final text was also created mostly in Illustrator and imported as Shape Layer. Reduced final size and Save For Web :) Thanks! Shadow Edge (Click the image for high-res.)

Oh sure

raise the bar... Looks awsome c-monsta!

I can't help myself

Here's my 3rd. This one's admittedly a bit macabre: For high-res, click here. Used: Luminance blending Liquify (wax and flames) Black & White adj. layer Vector-based type Smart object (placed banner from .ai file.) Free transform Brush tool

Help is available

For those that cannot help themselves... Call 1-800-SIC-DEKE. All charges apply; this is not a 12 step program; results may vary....

All fun aside Kentiki; nice work!

This is fun

These are so cool to see. I'm learning and inspired. Here's my 2nd entry: Castle (Click the image for high-res.) I used luminence blending for the textures, Hue/sat adjustment layers, black & white adjustment layer, pen tool to create a selection to extract the castle, curves layers, free transform on just about every element. Ken

Sonny Jim

On a stick.... I masked Jimmy out of a parking lot via Alpha Channel useing the Pen,Brush, and Refine Edge tools. Drug in a remote location photo for BG (Location just north of Flagstaff) Used the Healing Brush to clean up spots on Jimmy, then Curves to match him closer to the backgound. Joined Jimmy and BG together as a Smart Object, then adjusted Shadow and Highlight. Added Text, and created Inner Shadow. How the West Was One For high-res, click here.

evil your name is BIL (brother in law)

another entry , also of my brother in law, wanted to make him look menacing and evil. Not really the easiest of tasks if you know the good hearted and jovial nature of my subject but he was willing and so am I. tools used include, hue /sat. crop for added canvas(bottom of shirt is just a black layer) so i guess i also used the fill function to fill said black layer also gradient tool to help blend the black layer with the t shirt dodge and burn on skin and hair free transform for the eyes curves for contrast adjustments healing brush for skin brush tool for mask and im sure a million other combination of tools but I did this a few months back and cant remember my exact workflow. Evil Jon For high-res, click here. also included in this set is the original if you care to compare the two images

Hello Everyone

On this piece I used Calculations, Pen, and Brush to create Whale Selection from a shot I took at Seaworld on a bright sunny day, then loaded selection as mask. I used the Crop tool on another photo I had taken outside of Page, AZ, and placed as my background "Beach". I use a Curve adjustment on the whale selection to help it fit in with the foggy background a bit, as the original was very sunny and bright. I used the Healing Brush to remove telephone poles and lines from Background, and Burned the "Beach" a bit. Then to help transition the foreground to the background I made an subtle Outer Glow on the whale selection. I then made a Gradient Fill from the Top of Background down to the fog to add some color to the otherwise white sky. Then I used Text Tool for my text, used the preset Chrome fill, gave the top line a small stroke, and reduced the transperancy of the second line, and placed it behind the whale selection. Top 40 Tours For high-res, click here.

Entry for Photoshop Top 40 Contest

Hello! I have been teaching myself (well, with your help : ) PS for the last couple months and thought I would enter this contest as a means to force myself to come up with something to work on from scratch. El Jefe (Click the image for high-res.) For this piece I used Vector Based types, Fill functions, Brush tool, Crop tool, Healing brush, Gradient tool, and Save for Web as well as some blurring. Whether I used them well is for you to decide : ) What was going through my mind...well, as often is the case, when I am trying to think of something to work on I come up with nothing for quite awhile. Once I said to a friend that I felt as if i was 'riding the short bus' while trying to come up with an idea to create in PS. So this is a visual of me in deep thought, 'riding the short bus', to my destination of 'nothing'. haha...hope it makes sense! Thanks for all the training and tutorials you put out...they are by far the best I have ever learned from. Jeff

The Odyssey Illustration

Ok this is my second sub..i may sub about 5ish..its a illustration inspired by sci-fi, you know star trek. Battlestar and so on. The Vastness of space...the stars and..well awesome spaceships with sparkly retro-boosters..hey! i am a nerd guys ok..dont hold that against me. This Illustration was created using All of the above techniques in one way or another,sometimes very slight..but less is sometimes more. The pen tool and smart layers were used the most.. i don't think i actually used any vector based type..My fav feature is smart objects..the ship itself is a smart object allowing me to transport it onto different background if i so thats real cool and offers me versatility that greatly enhances my work... anydo's enjoy :) Odyssey (Click the image for high-res.)

Sorry for asking, but can

Sorry for asking, but can you take part if you're technically a minor and live overseas?

Christmas Card 2009

This is the cover for this years Christmas card, the family did a lot of traveling this year so the theme seemed appropriate. I scanned the passports, got rid of the numbers for safety, replaced the family photos with new ones I took. I replaced the seal with a tree, added some tree "stamps" & snowflakes on the inside pages, also look for the North Pole stamp, it's kinda subtle. I took the snow background shot also while snowshoeing in the Cascades at Snoqualmie Pass. I have been doing these cards for years and always have a lot of fun working on them. I use the pen tool a lot, rubber stamp, healing tool, channels as masks, do some painting in quick mask, of course curves and color adjustments on the photos I take, some liquify filter, dodge, burn, etc. Christmas Card 2009 For high-res, click here.

Ok, now I'm blushing... how much do I want this!?

Sixth submission.... Vector type for the obvious. Pen tool to create the particle beam twisting around my son. The burn tool for the shadow effect on my son's forhead. And a smart object for resizing the dragon onto my son's shirt. Ain't he something? I made this for a birthday invitation card :) Birthday invitation For high-res, click here.


Nuff said... I like!


Deke silhouette (This silhouette of Deke is based on the same source image as my previous "Snakes on Deke" submission, found at • Fill function - background, silhouette, ipod earphones • Refine edge - selection of Deke • Save for web - saved final composition • Brush tool - headphone wires, finetuning all masks • Crop tool - dekePOD logo from screenshot of • Gradient tool - mask of background art, mask of Deke's shadow • Smart objects - background art, ipod, earphone

Ok, now I'm abusing a little... fifth submission!

This one I did for some practice with some masking techniques using the color range and refine edge commands. I used the brush tool for some edge details and the save for web to export as jpeg. Angel boy For high-res, click here

No way... a forth submission!!!

Now this pic I made for a friend who just lost his last dog alive. The dog on the right was added to the picture of the one on the left using some advanced masking with both the brush tool and the color range command. I recreated some missing details on the right using the healing brush. And I reduced the over satured colors of the dog on the right with the hue&sat command. Also the DUH features: Save 4 web and vector type! RIP to both of you guys... you were fantastic companions! :) Beloved dogs For high-res, click here.

My third submission.... yet!

This guy flying in the air is my step bro from Colorado. I used some obvious vector type for the tittle. The pen tool for masking those "pain in the neck" spokes + the color range in concert with the refine edge command for the rest. Obviously, E.T. inspired me on this! :) Justin Bruner For high-res, click here.

Cute little puppies

This is my second submission. These cute little puppies who are sleeping in my hands and my friends new dogs. I used a vector type for their names. Calculations command for the initial mask. The brush tool for fixing some edge fringing and coloring and the dogs where converted to smart objects for resizing purposes. Cute little puppies For high-res, click here.

Zombie me

This is my 1st submission. This is me with a "zombie twist". I used a smart object on my face for resizing purposes and since I dont have "Hollywood skin", I used the healing brush on some unflattering details. I croped and aligned my face using the almighty crop tool and finaly, I used the save for web command to export the file. Cutesy zombie For high-res, click here.

my submission

Here is my simple addition to the contest with just a few tips used Truck on road (Click the image for high-res.) Black & White, The Brush Tool,The Crop Tool, Dodge and Burn, Curves, Color Range, The Healing Brush Gun4Hire

Here goes

Here's one I had a lot of fun with: For full res, click here. Feature 19, Luminance Blending: Used on a few of the texture layers to let the background show thru. Feature 20, Free Transform: To position the dragon image on the green bottle (used also in a million other places). Feature 21, The Gradient Tool: used to restrict brightness/contrast adjustment on books, etc. Of course I used a lot of the others too. This image is composed of about 12 different photos and illustrations. I don't know WHAT I was thinking!

Snakes on Deke

dekesnake • gradient tool for the red-to-snake fade • obviously vector-based type • fill function during the masking of deke • brush tool while masking deke • refine edge on selection of deke • snakes are smart objects • free-transform on snakes • saved final comp using save for web


Five women placed as "Smart Objects" against a stock background. Initial masking using "Color Range" "Brush" tool used to refine the masks (painting in overlay mode and soft light is f*ing amazing). "Curves" applied in more than one sense. "Healing Brush" to hide some blemishes. FYI these are uniforms for women in the gaming industry (cocktail waitresses) How perfect is that? Cocktail waitresses before Cocktail waitresses after For higher res, click here. Eric


Did you get phone numbers and addresses for the models; if so, can you share them?

Good job digitalassets!

Wow, great job on the

Wow, great job on the masking!


thank you. Eric P.S. Deke also covers painting in overlay mode at Awesome stuff. Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Mastery

top 40 contest entry

This is my humble entry, its an image of my brother in law who is a huge fan of the smallville tv series, so in order to poke some fun at him I created this image. Not all that super For full res, click here. for top 40 details: 1. I used vector based type 2. refine edge for the superlight 3. hue/sat to boost red/ and blue on face 4. cropped from a larger image 5. dodged and burned details on face 6.curves to boost contrast, also did a curves on the superlight to add a touch of blue. 7. healing brush on my bro's skin 8.gradient in mask on light trail leading to superlight transform on superlight to give a different orientation 10.luminance blending on superlight. I also used a displacement map for his super tattoo but thats not in the top 40 yet. Lovin everything on the pod always entertaining and enlightening , thanks Deke. ps i hope the use of such obvious copyright images doesnt disqualify me. Dave