Photoshop Top 40: The Contest

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Love the Top #40

Deke! I am a part-time instructor at a local college in Ohio in Visual Design. I had my students go to your site for many tutorials and I test them on your video, 101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Minutes. I am putting my students on the Top #40 next semester.

I have PR, COMM, Advertising, and some art students in my classes. I have some art students fall in love with the site because you open a new perspective in Photoshop beyond what the learn in class!

I will assign my students to sign up for free accounts next semester.

Howdy From London England - Union City

So what will London look like in..say the future? Well im pretty sure it will have some awesome buildings..but maybe appear a little retro..with the aid of a smidgen of a sepia filter maybe? a smart object here...and of corse each building by then will be built using photoshop pen tool. I Created Union City as a series of quite a few cityscape's.. inspired by real-life cityscape's. I made great use of the mighty power of photoshop using pretty much every tool listed in some way..You know what..i dont have a fav tool because i really need them all..they each do a small but important job. I'm sure photoshop luvvies can see what was used where. Union City (Click the image for high-res.)

Cheering post

Thats a great contest and awesome prices. I don't have enough skills for participating this yet but I give you warning guys, I am coming, I am learning: slowly but without doubt (big thanks goes to Lynda's group, to Deke and whole gang). :P

I wish luck to all of you. I am sure that our judges; Mr deke and Mrs Colleen, will pick the right winner. Can't wait to see how breathtaking the winning art will be.

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Olympus E-620

I've had the E-620 for a few weeks now and am quite pleased. Other options I considered were the Nikon D5000, Canon T1i & XSi, Panasonic G1, Sony A300 & A350, and Pentax K200D & K20D.

Alright, jokes on me...

I give up, how do you post an image?


Go ahead and put the link to your image in your comment (as plain text) and Deke or I (probably I) will make it a live link/post the image.

See the measures we go to in order to keep our community relatively spam-free?


My submission

Here's a piece I started with Corey Barkers great "Striking Match" tutorial I originally saw on Bert Monroy's pixelperfect site. I checked out the full tutorial at After seeing this contest I thought I thought it would be cool to add a realistic matchbox for the match to strike. I used the pen tool for some of the shapes for the box. I used vector smart objects from the box design I made in Illustrator. I also use a few other techniques with the dodge and burn tools and the brush tool. It was a heck of a lot of fun and I learned a few new tricks to add to my toolbox. -Jerry Deke Matches (Click the image for high-res.) Edit: I thought I'd some scratch marks under the match to make it look a bit more realistic. I used the brush tool to paint out some stokes and added a layer style to them with an outer glow with noise to make it look like sulfur dust.


hi, i love this idea..concept and design much i wanted to say so pretty cool

Thank you. I'm tickled with

Thank you. I'm tickled with how it came out. Thanks to people like Deke, Bert and Corey I've learned so much about Photoshop and Illustrator.