Such a Bad Week for "Evil"

So there I was, reviewing recent events.

And I couldn't help but recall that, in this week's up-and-coming episode of dekePod, I was forbidden from mentioning the word "penis." (True story, more on Wednesday.) This despite the fact that many famous people, not to mention many famous works of art (below), include them.

Penises of yore

And yet, the malignantly "good," excruciatingly emasculating Captain Hammer of Dr. Horrible's lovable Sing-Along Blog can say "penis"?

Hi, I say "penis"!

. . . ?? . . . 

Where's the justice? Where's my Freeze Ray?


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Such a Bad Week for "Evil"

this is the bad week fot evil but it seems bad for the folks.

nice caricatures.

nice caricatures.

That's art. I don't think

That's art. I don't think that porn. Why people often misunderstand and misjudging about that. Is that word of 'penis' is so bad? If so, why we, as a man, have it? Without it, ho-ho, I don't know. lol. bruststraffung


Why do people expect to find when google-ing "ancient breasts" anyway ? Eh i dont find the word penis that obscene but you got to obey ppl's laws lol :P

Dr. Horrible

Wow, thanks for introducing me to Dr. Horrible. That short show thing(not really sure what it is) is soo awesome. :D

Dr. H has a PhD in H'Awesome

Joss Whedon. Great story. Low budget. First-rate performances. Great music. 45 minutes. Just imagine if George Lucas had made the origin of Darth Vader that pithy and fun. Not to mention intelligible. And not so ass-suckingly awful. Some kind of sea change is obviously afoot. Correction: A-hoof.

Happiness is hard to find !

Think French..

Especially if your kerning is off

It's mightier than the sword, and maybe that frightens some people.


I got here by googling the phrase "ancient breasts" and I have to say, this wasn't really what I expected to find. What's a "photoshop"?

I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole

I mean the topic of course... Mordy Golding

Admit it, Mordy, you meant

You wouldn't touch a penis with a ten-foot pole. See, that's the problem with this crazy world we've invented. We're comfortable with allusions to sexual capacity (ten-foot pole), but when it comes time to touch an actual penis with an actual ten-foot pole, we shrink. In horror. What's funny is what survived. In the upcoming dekePod, that is. Like "cable-like electro-phallus." Green light. It's funny. As in fu'ed up. (You know that "fu'ed" is short for "funnied," right? I'm always saying how things are all "funnied up." Yo, bro, that's all funnied up! You guys say that? Yeah, me too.)

What's so bad about the word

What's so bad about the word 'penis'?

Thank you

My point exactly. To answer your question, unclear. (I suspect this may develop into an ongoing topic of interest.)

This reminds me of people

This reminds me of people wanting to cover up the breasts of ancient nude statues ... Come on, people!? Don't you have serious things to worry about?

Ancient breasts

didn't really fit the theme of this week's episode. But if they had, yeah, they'd gotten tasseled. I'm beginning to think my idea for a "Photoshop for Porn Pros" podcast might run into problems.

This would give the

This would give the One-on-One series a whole new meani.... oh, forget about it...

lol at the comments :)

lol at the comments :)