What would you like Deke to do?

Create more irreverent podcasts.
38% (702 votes)
Write more educational books.
17% (317 votes)
Film more comprehensive videos.
45% (850 votes)
Total votes: 1869


You're welcome

And consider yourself, for the moment at least, talked to!

Are you "Sippin' on Gin & Juice"?

Holy cow! As a video editor and Photoshop freak I'm impressed. I know how much time you spent on that clip. WOW. Adobe should use you to tell them what all the ALT CONTROL SHIFT keys do LOL Great job, just don't wear yourself out. We need more tutorials!!!!


Hey Deke - I just viewed my first deke pod... WOW, I was literally ROTFLMAO, seriously. Thanks for giving a reason to smile today! What a hoot! I'm green behind the ears (and not because I'm not clean...) with Photoshop, but trying desparately to learn the basics. Thanks again guy. Kat

Wow Deke,

I have to say that Im totally happy to see more of your DekePod's, you have a way to be goofy but not stupid, which I dont think many adults can afford and I totally love your Lynda.com tutorials, I was smiling aloud many times but I also learned a lot. Its true I sometimes asked myself 'what's he smoking?' but its was a good thing in your case. Anyway, all the best with the new site (to the whole team), I cant wait to see more from you.

Web site

Love your web site and also your books, I finally feel like I am starting to understand Photoshop now after years of struggling with it. Wonderful, really enjoy your style, keep up the great work, you just blow me away.

Yeah!!!! The Return of Deke

Welcome back Deke! What a pleasant surprise to come across your interview with Chuck Joiner and the links to this site. I have used your books as textbooks for several years in my multimedia classes. I've seen the rest and you are still the best! Your excellent books make my classes rock! Crossing my fingers and dreaming of new One-on-One books for Illustrator (yah, I know it'd be alot of work but the State of Texas requires me to use printed textbooks.... I'm tired of using "Classroom in a Book", so I'll keep asking) and on the new Photoshop Elements (several of my Mac clients are struggling to learn the new Elements with your older book and we hope for more from you). Hey....2 years smoozing with your sponsors! C'mon, you've been off on those wonnerful Cruise ships teaching Photoshop goodness... life must be tough. :-) Actually, I am amazed at what you do produce. Obi-wan, I am grateful for the many hours of labor you have saved me by your excellent work :-) Anyway, as someone who has been buried in your books and videos (Total Training and Lynda) day in and day out for years...... Hurrah, huzzah and welcome back! p.s. Thanks also for the new InDesign One-on-One book. p.s. p.s. Heads up for my most important question: Are Sammy and Max still stealing balloons from each other?...Inquiring minds want to know about this brotherly rivalry! cheers, Thomas Thomas Benner MACinTUTOR | MASTER ADOBE http://www.masteradobe.com macintutor@mac.com NAPP member

Re: this and many others, my thx

Yoiks, the outpouring of support has been downright inspiring. So’s you know, I and my overworked team are overworking on a handful of books that should be live when we can tell you about them, hopefully before the year is out. The book that you, Thomas, mentioned is with any luck an early 2009 title. It looks promising so far (it’s actually partially done), but to say I'm juggling many projects at the moment is like saying Saturn has many moons. No, it’s more like saying Saturn has many pieces of junk revolving around it that, when viewed from a distance, might be mistaken for rings. Yes, I might be mistaken for a gaseous planet. Oh dear, I've said too much. Re: Max and Sam, I wouldn't know where to begin. Quite simply, the most excellent boys ever invented. Really, they are next generation offspring.

photoshop bible 3.0 new

Sorrry I submitted into a reply. My question again: In photoshop bible 3.0 a method was explained how to turn a picture into text using (if I remember correctly) the similar function. Can anyone refresh my memory.

Uh, you do realize I wrote that book 14 years ago . . .

So long ago, in fact, that I had no idea what you were talking about until I cracked the book open and paged through it. There are actually two techniques, one that begins on page 451 and another that begins on page 454. Looking back. I'm not crazy about either. I'm afraid I can't actually reprint those techniques because: 1) the license on the image has run out and 2) I don't own the copyright to the text. (It's one of the big reasons I left that particular title.) I can tell you, it hinged on setting up some flat white type set against a black background (back in the days before Photoshop made type on a layer), applying Gaussian Blur, loading the image as a selection, and applying Levels to expand the letters. But as I say, in retrospect, blech.

bible 3.0

Thanks for the reply - it set me on the right path. I have an idea I want to explore so thats why I was thinking about this spesific method and I lost my copy of the book!!! A collectors item I think! Also, 14 years ago I discovered Photoshop and thanks to your book I have never looked back, creating some awesome innovative artwork if I have to say so myself. I love the fact that I can use CS3 and Photoshop 3 (although nobody probably owns a copy anymore!) and still be able to do almost the same in both using old techniques. Since you are the guru in photoshop, is there any other (modern) method you know of to do what I'm trying to achieve. I have search the internet endlessly with no luck. All you find is the ASCII methods which is not at ALL what I'm looking for. Thanks again for your reply. PS - I live in South Africa so its a pity about the time difference - I will have to eagerly wait until tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I'm up

. . . at 2:30am my time. Re: this and other questions that may come up about "Hey, Deke, will ya invent for me a technique?" I'm actually happy to do it. And dekePod and my articles for Photoshop User magazine give me a perfect platform for expressing these solutions in a wider public forum (with articles ultimately winding their way back to this site.) But here's the rub: You'll have to be patient. Any multi-step article I might craft will necessarily be several months out. This is acceptable, yes? This is actually a broader question for everyone. I'm just one guy after all, currently burning the candles at both ends. I'm extremely interested in transferring as much information from my mind to yours as I can (while still earning a living on my legitimate training pieces, of course). But inasmuch as I'd like to employ the Professor-to-Gilligan-thought-transference-device, no such device was ever invented. (Why not? Honestly: Not enough uranium-enriched coconuts.) So, if you will, keep suggesting questions and bear with me as I eventually arrive at answers.

user password

Can we change our passwords anywhere? Thanks. Great 101 tips video

changing your password

Go to View my acct settings (up right) and then click Edit. BTW. If anyone hears from a friend (or foe) that they aren't getting passwords emailed to them after trying to set up an acct, please lemme know. Thx.

Deke rules

He's always ruled. Accept no substitutes! Guitarman

What I want Deke to do

Set Photoshop tips to "Phantom of the Opera" with Deke as Phantom.

101 tips video

Good to see you back on your own podcast. I've got 4 "one-on-one" books and I'm looking for more. BTW...minor criticism...it's hard to hear you over the background music. Don't eliminate, just modulate.


I had never heard of you 20 mins. ago. Thanks for the 101-N-5 Everything is Mind Made

Important WWW Moments

Hey Deke, Wow this site is great, at least 100 times better than the last one. I've been reading your books and watching your videos for over a year now, and they never fail to impress me! Your videos are perhaps the greatest photoshop educational tools that exist, I mean it, Photoshop CS3 Channels & Masks on Lynda.com blew my mind. Anyhow, thanks for the site, and I'll see you around! Matt

Thanks for the encouraging words

The feedback means a lot!


Wow - the Deke actually spoke to me, coooool!!!! lol. It's not a problem, I like to give credit where it's due.

hey deke

Great to see you're up & running, hopefully with enough sponsors so you can blog, teach and feed the kids. Just got your Cs3 book the other day, looks great & its filled to the brim with useful info.

Then again . . .

Then again, perhaps I have something to learn from you. Nice lightbox.


I just found you by a listing on gizmodo or perhaps lifehacker. Awesome. I have so much to learn oh great one. Well done, dana ross check out my latest photos at http://danaross.smugmug.com/gallery/2160151

Maggots in her hair!?

Maggots in her hair!? You are unwell, very unwell!