What would you like Deke to do?

Create more irreverent podcasts.
38% (702 votes)
Write more educational books.
17% (317 votes)
Film more comprehensive videos.
45% (850 votes)
Total votes: 1869



My favourite bit is "Pizazz for Dummies". It's like dissing everyone who could possibly like this style of delivery. Which is, at this point, sixhundredandsomething people who have voted on Deke's fate so far. Deke sure does attract a lot o'dummies! :-p lol

Many others love 'em

Like me. :-D I think they are clever and witty, and I love discovering all the quirky 'culture vulture' references in them. And, they are excellent at what they do - they are teasers, after all, and as teasers they encourage the sales of Deke's more serious training manuals and videos through Lynda.com. It's bloody clever marketing, imnsho. There's no shortage of deadpan, too serious delivery out there, and I welcome and look forward to the fast-paced approach these PodCasts have. I can't help but pay attention. That said, though - wouldn't it be a boring world if we were all the same?! Some like coffee, some like tea... *shrugs*


I'm new here. Glad to be a part of it all, insomuch as possible. I'm just learning and always seeking. In May, 2009 sometime, I should be finishing a two-year multimedia course at a local college here in the frozen tropical regions by the Canadian border. I'd just like to say a hearty "Thanks" to Deke and David and everyone on their team who put the stuff together so I can learn something and get my "homework" done. Kudos to you all. I'll be snooping around in here more often as I have time inbetween projects. I'm not a global traveler, so I think it'd be nice to have a place we could upload and share photos, course I know it takes mega disk space and I'm not the world's best photographer, but I'm learning and learning and learning. We eat, sleep, and breathe multimedia, I guess. But sometimes I think we humans are all a crazy lot. Why do we feel we must live life at the speed of light? Deke, I can wait for you to eat, sleep, and shave before I absolutely MUST have my channels and masks. No problem. You know, after yesterday's, last night's and today's continuing blizzard....I can't even get out of my yard. Oh well, I'm rambling..guess I'll go throw another log on the fire.

Liquify Tool (podcast)

Thanks for that quick pod cast, I've learned more in that five minutes than I did watching most other videos. I can't find many tutorials on the liquify tool, but Deke is very informative.

Liquify Tool

Thanks Deke for savin' me BIG dinero man! I won't have to participate in any Nutrisystem Diet! I can now handle all the carbs I want and instantly take them away. Thanks for the tip on how to use this tool my portly customers will love it.


Customers maybe but how about your wife /husband or girlfriend or boyfriend.

Hi Deke

Hey dude. I just found your website and joined instantly. I have been a fan of yours since I purchased the Photoshop 3 Bible and always enjoyed reading your articles in Macworld etc. I just wanted to say thank you for all your work. After learning Photoshop from you I have become very good at it and work with a large team of designers who all look to me as their guru, so there is definately a trickle-down effect to your mentoring. Thanks very much - all the best John Canning

If I'm not mistaken

We met at a Macworld Expo, either Boston 1993 or January 1994. They tend to run together. If so, that was the Macworld Photoshop 2.5 Bible. C'mon, get it straight! ;-) Thx for the early at-a-boys. Them are the best kinds.

You know, I initially thought

. . . this page was a fragile idea. I mean, who gives two farts what I do? Honestly. But not only have an outrageous number of people voted, we've received more comments on this page than anywhere else on the site. More than 150. I know, that's insane. But speaking from the heart, I couldn't be more tickled. As you might imagine, I and the very talented people who help me out on these projects work our asses off trying to get to the bottom of every nook and cranny of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and the rest. And while we have a few larfs along the way, getting through a product rev is a little bit like running a marathon: You have the passion and you love the challenge and you groove on facing the moment. But from one footfall to the next, you rarely have any idea why. Reading these comments reminds me. Thanks for that!

Who gives two farts what you do?

We do!!! And if we drink more tea, we'll even give three! :-D Deke, you're the best, most fun and interesting tutor out there. Don't ever stop doing what you do so damned well. We love you, dude. And not just 'cos yer pretty, neither!

The thanks belong to you

Deke, the tanks certainly belong to you and Colleen. It's not us. We came hungry for something that was not here. You made it happened. So thank you for that.

Deke's one-on-one books

I've been using Photoshop for several years, soooo....what more can I possibly learn? Well, Deke's terrific book, Photoshop CS4 one-on-on, has tought me scads of new tricks in a very short time. The DVD that comes with the book is so good that I buzzed right through it. I thought Deke had lost his marbles [not the 1st time I thought this] when I was watching the lesson on the brush engine. He painted lines all over this model's face. Then he created a clipping mask [ya gotta to see this] and added a white background. Instant masterpiece! I also have the InDesign CS4 one-on-one. These books are excellent. BTW, I have purchased tons of Photoshop and Adobe books by various authors. Deke gives you your money's worth and then some.

InDesign CS4 Missing Font?

Just bought CS4 Design Standard and Deke's excellent 1-1 for InDesign. Deke says in the book that CS4 should install the Bernhard Modern Standard font, but it's nowhere to be found - not in the CS4 Goodies folder, nor anywhere on my computer. Is there something I can do to retrieve this font, or is the book wrong about this font? - LPersonne

How did you buy InDesign CS4?

As part of a suite? Which suite? Standalone? Educational? There are so many SKUs of this thing, it kills us. We are literally dead. With pointy, jabby, exceedingly sharp serifs sticking out of our necks. Do you have the other fonts??? (?)

Missing font Bernhard

I bought the Design Standard suite, upgrade from Photoshop CS3, so I never owned InDesign before. It was the full price version - not educational. The other fonts mentioned in your book (Chaparral and Myriad) were there, though I had to manually load the Light and Light Italic versions from the Goodies disk.

Lynda.com Channels and Masks

Fantastic tutorials, easy to follow, very informative, and a few laughs to ease the stress of leaning, still can't get my head around the calculations command but getting their slowly, great work Deke, looking forward to cs4, hope they don't make it too easy though, or everyone will be at it, lol. Cheers from Jonboy in the UK. PS your welcome use any images from my website at www.jk247.co.uk for your tutorials, free of charge.

LAB Tutorial

Your Linda.com LAB tutorial is really great. Chapter 3 was by far the most useful to me. I read DM's book a couple of years ago, rather waded through it. What's new in CS4 was good too - I ordered it immediately after finishing your tut. On to your sharpening tutorial. Keep em coming. Dick

Thanks for the great book!

I'd like to thank Deke for writing this absolutely precious book called Photoshop 7 Bible. I read it in 2003 (Polish version) and I learned and understood a lot. It was fun reading it ;). Thank you! Greetings, Lolka

Slow down!

The subject is the message. I rather watch your videos than read the books, (I can't fit any more books in my spacious co-op) but man, are you doing an MTV spot?! Here's an idea - why not just have a subliminal frame just before the credits with the outline of the method? I mean not more than one frame, okay four. We can grab that frame and use it as our cheat sheet as we view the video one more time, or twice, or ten times. Well? Oz P.S. As a TV producer/director I can say with some authority - your production group is doing a great job; it makes me jealous, almost.

Slow Down

I agree 110%! Deke, you're making MTV look like it's standing still! Did a Starbucks open 24/7 near your studio? Great content.

U guys kid

Yes? The speed is the deed. The conceit of the piece. Thx 4 th knd wds, btw.

PDF Titles

Hi! I work as the Graphic Designer for a large Worldwide company... their only in-house designer... and have a ton of jobs that are similar, brochures, leaflets etc.. I have to amend jobs on a daily basis, often more than once, and fire off a new PDF for people to check. Unfortunately, each PDF has the same name as the document. So my question is, rather than rename the PDF each time, with the document name and date.pdf - is there a way I can automatically insert the date and time into the PDF name? I am not holding out much hope as I cant find anything on this, so may mean I just amend the title each time, but if any of you have any other suggestions, that would be great! Thanks Steve

Rename PDF with dates

Hey ACDSEE 2 PRO can batch rename the file and add data when the file was created, access or modified. You simply specify what you want to do. I also saw application that was called Alarmviz or Alarmwiz that had additional features other than wake you up with song to rename and copy file and add there correct date or any other info you want. Also GRBACKPRO can dailay hourly backup and rename files with the date. Let's say you create same file every hour. and save it in same place and these applications will move it to where and whenever you want with the current time. This way you want have a duplicate. You can even setup delete the original file. Look also into some scripts with scheduled task manager online. but again if you save as and you specify name how hard is to write 08-12-10 or in Europe 08-10-12. Make sure you put the year first. So you don't end up like me to have it mixed up with 05-08 year. Check this out also Naming Files Using DateTime Stamp 1.2 You can also use Naming Files Using DateTime Stamp to set any file’s attributes such as accessed, modified and created dates. also check this bellow adirving If I right click on my file and go to properties I see four tabs: General, PDF, Summary and Security. I want to add the file created date from the PDF tab to my file name. The file created date on the general tab is not the correct date. Right now when I append the date it adds the date from the general tab. Is there a way to have it pull the date from the PDF tab? Thanks monkeyjob Site Admin Hi, unfortunately, both FileMonkey and FoldMonkey cannot pull pdf specific data from a pdf file for renaming. We only know of one automated method of doing this but it is very very tricky. The basic procedure would be to use the "Extract" feature of FileMonkey to extract the required dates from your pdf file. Then, you would need to save the results in plain text format from the results window and then use FileMonkey (replace feature) to convert the saved file into a batch file that will rename your files to append the required date. The operation is far too complex to itemize step by step. Regards, monkeyjob. adirving I actually noticed that the modified date on the general tab seems to always match the file created date in the PDF tab. I just used that field to rename my files. Thanks anyway for your help!


Hey I just tested in ACDSEE 2 PRO with tools and batch rename, add atributes to keep the original name and add attribute before with date modified and date created and it works like a magic. So now get the ACDSEE 2 HO HO HO, you know what I mean Ask him to bring it for you. If you want me to do it for you no prob Give me an FTP access and I can do it. Or provide some 20 samples and I show you the results. ACDSEE has trial and reg version that has file batch processing as well.

I'm going to put CW on this

B/c she's the resident InDesign maven. But before I do, please confirm: What app are you using to export the PDFs? InDesign? Acrobat? Microsoft Excel? I have people to generate my PDFs. And I very much enjoy looking at the PDFs that they generate. But I direct scant attention to the mechanics. So let me know your generating app and I will point you to my people.

Deke course on CS4 at Lynda.com....????

Hi Deke! I recently discovered your site, thru your AWESOME 101 Photoshop’s tips pod cast. I am currently a student in Web design and we use Lynda.com as part of our learning tools. I like it alright, but the particular pod cast instructor uses NO key commands!! So my question to you, are you going to create a learning series for Photoshop CS4 for Lynda.com? That would be most desirable. Lisa


Photoshop CS4 New Features and Photoshop CS4 Getting Started, both short courses, go live next week. My full-length, three-part trainapalooza Photoshop CS4 One-on-One is in the works. I'm currently working on Chapter 8 of 30. Part 1 (12 chapters) should be up in early November.

What about Channels & Masks CS4?

Hey Deke! I got all your CS3 videos and I especially loved the two Channels & Masks. After the One-on-One series you are currently working on, are you going to make an updated version of the Channels & Masks for CS4? I hope so. Max

I'm currently working on

A book called "Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks One-on-One," which will include > 3 hours of video. It's looking really good. Should be out before year's end (I hope I hope). As for videos, not sure. I'll probably do something on C&M, but I might make it shorter and break it up differently. I was considering: Photoshop CS4 Selection Essentials Photoshop CS4 Blend Modes Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks Photoshop CS4 Paths and Vectors Photoshop CS4 Smart Objects Right at the moment, however, that would require me taking off my hat and finding Little Deke A thru Z inside. Didn't Saddam Hussein hire impersonators? Where does a person find such things?

Oi! I can't wait!

Next semester I will absolutely insist that we use your training series! Thanks for responding so quickly!