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Oops, I should have said

Well although the dissertation on the guts of Illustrator and InDesign are thouroughly enjoyable, I was actually talking about Photoshop CS3 (not all of us get our hands dirty with pre-release betaware). So if any of you gurus out there think you can explain the inner workings of Photoshop and solve my problem you are garantied my eternal gratitude (or at least a few light years of it, or did I use the wrong unit?). O, Deke, maybe this is worth nothing because you have already partially acquired it with all the hours of watching you doing a pirouette here and there on video while trying to explain Photoshop to the un-initiated like me. I hope thought that your dark side on dekePod will not dictate your response and that your good side will motivate you into replying even though there is really nothing in it for you! Cheers and may the best win!

Photoshop's text functions

are relatively primitive. I'm afraid there is no way to create area text directly inside a compound path (the circle-in-square), and you can't do text wraps. Hell, it doesn't even support tabs. Your best bet is to create the text in Illustrator (according to my previous trick). Then place it into Photoshop as a smart object (using File > Place). But you will have to get your hands a bit dirty in Illustrator to pull this off.

I have been washing my hands for 30 minutes

after getting them dirty in Illustrator. I am glad and sad to have my suspicion about Photoshop text functions being archaic. Heck, you cannot and I mean cannot paste text out of a path into say notepad or MS Word. You can only paste it into another path in another drawing. I bet Photoshop used a named clipboard instead of the default clipboard. It would have been too easy to tell us which named clipboard (not sure this is the official correct term) so that utilities that can paste from other clipboard could have been used..... Well, Deke you neither won nor lost anything, you still have my gratitude and I dare not admit also my admiration for your great work!

Holy Text Objects, Batman!

I don't know the answer for sure (about why compound paths can't be used as area text objects), but my hypothesis is that the code that determines what parts of a compound path are filled and what are empty (Illustrator has two of these methods -- non-zero winding and even-odd fill rules) isn't hooked up to the text engine in Illustrator -- hence, AI wouldn't know which parts of the object to flow the text into. Oh, and Deke, even a single path that self intersects itself (looping it back as you've tried) uses the compound shape rules, so it would exhibit the same problem. Interestingly enough, InDesign can do this just fine. You can easily create a compound shape and use it as text frame. At the end of the day, Deke's suggestion of using a separate circle with a text wrap is a great solution. Alternatively, you can slice a line through one side of the shape so that it's no longer a compound path. But I still like Deke's idea better. Mordy Golding http://rwillustrator.blogspot.com

Dear Dr. Frankenstrator

You didn't connect your non-zero winding rule to your text engine? Is nothing sacred to you people?! You diabolical fiends!! So let me get this straight: InDesign does permit text inside a compound path? That'll delight Colleen. She loves it when InDesign out-draws Illustrator. But it's got to leave the Illustrator team feeling . . . like they've cobbled together a hobbling slobbling miscumbobbling monster! Townspeople, gather your torches! We attack the Adobe Castle tonight! Actually, Illustrator CS4 is really great. It's still a monster, but it's more benign Yeti than savage Grendel.


Hey Deke, I'm slowly working my way through your One-on-one series for photoshop CS3, but I don't have the premium membership. Is there another way to get your Deke keys shortcuts (and the exercise files if at all possible). Right now, I'm just adjusting my shortcuts evertime you happen to mention one in the video, but being able to access Deke keys file would make it so much easier. In any case, thanks for making some great videos. They've helped me a whole lot.

I'll post dekeKeys

In an upcoming dekeStuff post. As for the exercise files, no can do on those. Not only would that undermine my publisher, it runs contrary to the terms of my licensing agreement with the various photographers and content creators. There has to be some barrier between the digital asset and random widespread dissemination. At lynda.com, it's the premium account. With my books, it's the inclusion of the DVD. Unregulated online distribution is not an option.

Mastering ACR CS3?

Great attitude, great videos on lynda.com, great podcasts, great site! Speaking of lynda.com, in your Photoshop CS3 New Features::Overview of Camera Raw 4.0, you say, "There's plenty more to come, plenty more that has not been implemented inside this dialog box. I will be covering it all, of course, inside of my Photoshop CS3 Mastering Camera Raw series that's due out in in 2007." I don't see it on lynda.com, although trying to master ACR 4.5 looking at your Mastering ACR CS2 is, uh, interesting. I did by the Real World ACR book, which is great, but looking at printed tutorials (e.g. using the sharpening tools) just aint' the same, especially with my ancient eyes. Did it "come out" elsewhere? If so, can you add it to lynda.com? That site is great, and I must say, without disparaging anyone else, that you're the best. So how far has flattery gotten me so far? ;-) Cheers!

See Photoshop CS3 One-on-One instead

I never managed to do a follow up to the Camera Raw series. Not for lack of interest. I love ACR. But for some reason, the Photoshop CS2 Mastering Camera Raw series was my lowest performer. (Bad content? Bad name? Bad hair day?) So, obviously, I was encouraged to direct my efforts elsewhere. Instead of making a standalone ACR 4.x series, I spent considerable time on ACR in Chapter 24, "Working with Camera Raw," of my 3-part, 12 thousand-hour video series Photoshop CS3 One-on-One. It's pretty exhaustive, and I intended it to serve as an update to Photoshop CS2 Mastering Camera Raw. BTW: Thanks for the kind words!


Dekemeister! I know you said you're working on expanding your site to eventually include tips and tricks, but I'm in a jam, and you are THE ONLY ONE that can help me. Yes, there is no other living soul out there that can (hey, if flattery worked for wildoak - who knows!?). I just need a straight answer as I have looked this up at just about every resource I could muster. Is it possible (and how) to create sidecar xmp files from dng files using Adobe Bridge? While I was told that it is, xmp management for raw files seems to only work for formats other than dng; no matter what I do, the changes to the dng files seem to get buried in the file itself. I know it's a weird thing to do, but I have to send the corrections to a client and sending the entire dng files back takes bandwidth and time. Answer this for me and I'll adorn you in all the maple syrup and smoked salmon in Canada. (Not a fan of salmon? How about beaver? Mmm; beaver...) __________________________________________________ Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard drive?

Hey, I like "wildoak" better!

Maybe I'll change my user name. ;-)

While inside Camera Raw

Flyboy: Click on that little menu icon to the right of the word Basic. Don't choose Export Settings to XMP. Quite confusingly, when working with a DNG file, that actually updates the info embedded in the file. (It's there in case you're working from a central database, which few people do.) Instead, choose the Save Settings command. Then name the XMP file and put them somewhere where you can find them. The person on the other end can get to your settings by choosing the Load Settings command.

Update to ACR

Thanks for the tip! I did the 12,000-hour series before I realized how cool shooting raw files and using ACR are. I shall return. As an aside, I was sometimes puzzled and annoyed when you would say, "These settings worked for me." Having seen others who just play around with the tools, I appreciate what you called "working behind the scenes" - what I would call working it out beforehand. Cheers!

Puzzled and annoyed

Well, can't blame you for either of those reactions. But just clarifying, you were P&A'ed by my -- what? Seeming lack of prep? Vagueness on whether my settings might be the best ones? Just curious. Always looking to make the training that much better.

Out of the . . . uh . . . blue

>>But just clarifying, you were P&A'ed by my -- what? Seeming lack of prep? >>Vagueness on whether my settings might be the best ones? Neither one. Being new to Photoshop, I was saying to myself, "Self, that looks great! Now I know how those settings work! But how the hell would I know to pick those settings?" Of course, working in Photoshop for years would help. But now I understand, from asides you make in other videos, that you actually try other settings, arrive at ones that work well, and suggest those. You don't just pull them out of your . . . Advanced Settings Savvy. By comparison, some people seen to work on the fly - and I do mean fly. They flit back and forth between tools and say, "Hey, that looks pretty cool. But let's try this and this and this. Not bad! But let's do this and this and this. OK, let's call it a wrap." And I'm saying, "Huh? What just happened?" So it was an awkwardly worded compliment. And now, snaking back to the original topic, do you still think that ACR is not the place to spend much time sharpening, even though there are now a few more sliders (Radius, Detail, and Masking)? I don't think you commented on them in the what's new in CS3 or CS3 Mano-a-Mano. And getting way off topic, did you notice the little critter in Blue Iguana-3.dng? He's just to the right of the four flowers near the bottom.

LR 2.0

Lightroom works perfectly for me... symes

Adobe Illustrator CS3 One-on-One

Your books are so wonderful. Is there a hands on book to go with your video series on Illustrator CS3? Karla

That very book is in the works

First, thanks for the kind words. Second, a small portion of the Illustrator book is written. But it's not slated for release until March of next year. We at dekePress never release any book before its time. Quality increases in inverse proportion to time. Just a sad fact of life. Or a good fact, if you consider we all live forever! (Oh wait, crap, we don.'t.)

Earth Shattering!

That was one of the most well put together highly entertaining ground breaking videos I've seen in a long time!! You have a magic quality Deke, the ability to teach and retain your audience's attention, resulting in the ultimate subject comprehension!! Outstanding work. Can't wait to watch more :-) Much respect! Brett

Thanks, man!

And definitely watch the other dekePods. We have another Big Audience piece on the horizon. (No singing, no dancing, but fairly high surprise factor I think.) But in the meantime, the "standard" library is a-growin'.

Your new site is sweeeet!

Deke - I dig the new site, blogs, pods, etc.... epic! Chris Orwig

Thanks, man!

High praise from a high energy trainer like yourself. (BTW, can't recommend Chris' stuff highly enough. He's a real pro.)

hi deke

hi _just tagged myself to ur webbie | but also gotta tell u this | i adore u for all ur creativity and eccentrics | lotsa love and god bless u ;) ♥ जीव अनुरज श्वसिहि मदेन ~ live love breathe with passion

CS3 Extended Photoshop

Hi Deke, Big Time congrats on the stuff. I got my first deke bible in 92, and have been shoving pixels around since. I am looking for more information on Photoshop CS3 extended. They have the video editing capability but very few tutorials in this section have I found. The whole subject seems to be a black hole. Russel the clown did some stuff and I got a bit outta that. But what I would like to see is the whole ball of "deke wax", as in how it works, why it works, what the rules are and how to break them! Over the years it has annoyed me to see people teaching something and preface it by the "I don't really understand why this works or how, but if you do this, watch what happens!" What I like about your info packed sessions, like the wonderful Real World titles (Shout out to Bruce! Save me a good seat buddy!) Is that you tell the reason why, how, and how it may be bent, stories of the programs. Another thing is I have never seen a lesion on is those numbers that appear in the eyedropper tool (count tool). So theres a couple o holes I would like to see plugged. Video options and the count tool. btw, I just completed After effects classes and am taking my stills to another vibrational state :0).... james " They thought it would be a disgrace to go forth as a group . Each entered the forest at a point that he himself had chosen, where it was darkest and there was no path . If there is a path it is someone else's path and you are not on the adventure

You know, I should admit

I'm not particularly up on Photoshop Extended at the moment. But here's what I got for you: --Fellow trainer Chad Perkins has some Photoshop CS3 Extended material at lynda.com. Chad's a quality guy and takes a similar approach to me. He's definitely interested in looking under the hood and he's not one for cutting corners. (That "I really don't understand how/why" bit really doesn't work for me. If you don't know, look it up, do the leg work, grow a brain, or don't pretend to train. Oh wow, that sounded really pissy. Time for an insincere :-) !) --I actually just filmed a video for Adobe on those numbers-under-the-count tool, aka the count tool. The video won't come out until October. You click and it rings up a number for every click. It really is that simple. It's for scientific and analytical folks who are evaluating quantities of things inside images. Like vacuoles inside the cytoplasm of plant cells. Yes, thanks to that video (which took me a whole freakin' evening to figure out) I know what vacuoles are and how to spell the damn term. And I haven't purged it yet, which is the scary part. --I'm thinking of recording an entire Photoshop Extended Essentials series next year. (I know, a ways out, but if you saw my calendar, you'd be surprised I might do it that soon.) Medical, 3D, video, everything there is to know. Anyway, I agree. There's a dearth of info. But conventional wisdom has it that there's a dearth of interest. Please correct me if we're wrong.

Photoshop Extended

Dearth....definitly a dearth....of interest!!!!! I'm waitin' I've learned so much just watchin' you jack your jaw I wonder what the f... I spend all this money on school fo? Spelling lessens perhaps?


Well where my interest lays, is in animating my stills. And when I saw that PS-CS3 had video capabilities I thought OMG this is going to be amazing! They have retooled the animation area and it has some time line functionality that I am coming to grips with. When I was at an all time high on what my mind was telling me I could create, a friend said "hey have you ever heard of After Effects"? And I hadn't. So jumping into the bottomless pit, of learning a new program, I started out with the tutorials on Lynda.com. But your buddy Chad, begins those, with what seems like chapter three and starts adding content from 3-D programs I have never heard of and then it gets worse. Going into CS2 and before was of some help with learning After Effects, but After taking more the 3600 videos (many I have seen several times, and those numbers don't show)I have to say the After Effects tutorials are the weakest link. Am I getting pissy here? Check out the hair movement in this site.http://www.marc-aurel.com/2008_FW/ I think this is 38 shades of cool! I would like to have someone as grounded in the principles as you are take After Effects apart and put it back together. But I know that there is only so much time, and you got kids and hopefully still a wife! So I can hope, but then I would rather know that you are finding a balance and happiness in your life, as you have brought so much to mine, through your fine educational material over the years. btw Chad's no Deke, his brother Todd is an amazing teacher, Todd could carry water for Deke. Chad could carry water for Chris Orwig and as Chad's self depreciating humor, became to much for Chris to bare, Chris could have an interlude and talk about his childhood. But there I go again getting pissy.


Very impressive...and fun. More, please. I'm hooked after just one.

Well there are three others

Check them out at http://deke.com/dekepod. We have four more in the can after this one. And four more slated for filming in September. So I guess I'm addicted too. :-)

I'm So Excited!

Yes!!, I'm sooooooo addicted to this podcast. Is that really so bad? (hoping for anything on blend modes.... the pertinent mathematical equations would be good :-)- ), Thomas Thomas Benner MACinTUTOR | MASTER ADOBE http://www.masteradobe.com macintutor@mac.com