101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Minutes

dekePod Pilot #2: After just one Pilot episode and two years of darkness (during which I was romancing my sponsors, not just sitting on my hands, BTW), dekePod is back and with a vengeance. We're calling this one Pilot #2, to be followed by regular episodes once every other week, assuming we don't all kill ourselves. (These things are massively time-consuming.) Here's the official marketing description:

If you've ever read a computer magazine, you know the idea behind "101 Tips."; One gala issue, lots of first-rate contributors, lots of quality information. And lots and lots of pages. But when's the last time one lone guy tried to capture 101 tips in video? In just 5 minutes of video? Set to music? This is the realm of dekePod, the once-every-other-weekly series from Deke McClelland. It's bold, it's brash, it's ridiculous. It's a podcast with serious issues. Enjoy.

The above movie is served up by blip.tv, which I have to say, rocks. (In-site embed + no branding + widescreen = rocks.) It auto-converts the file to a Flash movie and (I think, tho it's difficult to confirm) lowers the frame rate. For a smoother, less compressed version -- that you can download! -- try one of these links:

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You can also check out the dekePod landing page at my book publisher O'Reilly Media.

For a full transcription of the lyrics (available to members), click here.

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Hi, this post is very simple and useful for newbi like me.


I bet this took more than 5 minutes to make though... ;-)

Absolutely incredible work... Much respect.

Chris M.

Lyrics Deke?

Can we have the lyrics for this awesome vid?

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing. Aggregates

Since the bill would



Great ideas and tips.

Now this is all a

Now this is all a photoshopper may ever need

Love U Deke

Ur the Man Deke i like it a lot ur way to say this info only in 5 minutes was unbelievable and so easy to learn woooooooooow man i love

Best Workflow > Color Settings


The behemoth corporation I work for can't seem to find the $$$ to upgrade my Adobe Suite no matter how many times I put it in the Capital Budget for next year, ( I'm pretty sure that next year NEVER Comes at this point, which is great 'cause I'm gon'a live for ever!) so I have a request, I know what your thinking and please remember you put you in this grand Mr. Guru Poobaa position, Anywway I was trying to stay up professionally and was viewing your AI FUNDies & AI ADV 1on1 @ lynda (boy I wish i could produce with talent of your caliber and no I'm not just kiss'n up), I was wondering would there be a Best Workflow Color Settings for CS3 out there like you've developed for CS5? Do I dare use the CS5 file in CS3? Do pigs fly? How long can creatives go with out the latest software? Sorry now I just sound bitter...

Irreverently with Thanks
Eric S

Hey all don't try this at home under any circumstances, I tried the CS5 color profile in CS3 > Ill, PS & Bridge seems to work fine. I guess it just is a color profile, no super secret stuff...

same problem

i had the same problem with after effects, which is even worse because you need to use a lot of templates with it

luckily my photoshop is to date ^^

Eric on http://www.maxjeu.com

Deke, you're crazy:) I like

Deke, you're crazy:) I like that! I'm going to watch all your podcasts. I saw a few of yor tutorials on CD and I'm impressed how PS is easy.


Thanks for the information and nteresting post. I’ll likely be coming back to your blog. Keep up great writing.


You surely contribute and share an incredible tips for everyone. Thanks!

Wow , this is one of the

Wow , this is one of the most weirdest , yet one of the most informative video tips on and about photo shop . Really very creative but I guess it'd be a bit hard for the starters to learn with this video . But thanks for the tip anyways ....

Great post, and great website.

Thanks for the information!

colors ...

I am looking to see what the best way to get good color output ... instead of the white lines that come with setting the black to 100% and the m,y and k to 0% ... I know if I set the black to 100% and the other colors to about 50% you get rid of the white line around a black border ... what is a suggested setup for say getting a light blue ... or a dark brown ...

Deke McLelland, the

Deke McLelland, the photoshop guru and self confessed geek has put together a hilarious video that anyone who uses photoshop will really enjoy. He gives out 101 photoshop tips and shortcuts in 5 mins set to a theme song while dancing like a monkey with a death wish. Hilarious!
Very educational, slightly eccentric but highly entertaining. Click on the blip.tv video above or go check out for more of his shennanigans and photoshop tips and tricks. He has some great podcasts and blog articles realted to all things Adobe!

Very useful!

I'm glad I found this.


Thank u deke. it's so useful

These tips are nice and gave me good ideas!

Thanks for your information.

Tips to restore black and white photo

Any tips on how to...restore vintage black and white photo(97 years old) I have used CS4 to clean it up, but it has a muddy look(esp facial features)
Any help would be appreciated greatly,

Thank you for this very

Thank you for this very useful information!

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wow.great tips!

i will sure try 'em. thanks for sharing

nice tips

I want to learn about photoshop, and your article is very informative.

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Great Tips!



This is great..Thanks

Awesome tips!

I'll be passing this post on for sure

Making Geekdom Wicked Cool!

Ever thought of going into the auction biz? You defiantly have the innate skills for a spellbinding career... Oh I forgot - You already have a spellbinding career! Thanks for the entertainment and of course, the tips!

Later, LisaLi


Great tips it will help

Great tips it will help many new guys :)