Why I’m Behind on Deadlines, but Up-to-Date on Keyboard Shortcuts

Deke, holed up in his booth working on the world’s ultimate guide to Photoshop keyboard shortcuts for the next update to his Photoshop One-on-One: Advanced course, just walked up to my desk and said, “Want to see something evil? Press Command-Shift-Option-Q.” (Don’t try this at home.)

Apparently, he was fascinated by said shortcut’s ability to log me off my computer without so much as a by your leave. Also apparent is my inability to treat Deke with the proper amount of suspicion. I mean, in all fairness, he did say it was evil. No wonder I’m always behind on deadlines—yet always up-to-date on keyboard shortcuts.

Lesson: save early and often, and take Deke at his word when he says evil. Also, be prepared for your entire computer to shut down with this more-or-less undocumented shortcut.

An updated CC version of the course, complete with the world’s most comprehensive shortcut list is coming your way this summer. That is, if making this crazy detailed list doesn’t kill Deke first. Or, you know, I take my revenge.

Update: Deke just walked back in and said: “One thing I definitely do not recommend is Command-Control-Power.” Deke McClelland, testing deadly shortcuts so you don’t have to. (Although, apparently, I’m fair game.)

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