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Welcome, dekeTopians. We’re so glad you’re here and we’d like to keep it that way.

What we expect from you:

Don’t steal or post work that’s not yours to post.
Don’t whine.
Don’t spam.
Do be respectful.
Do be inquisitive.
Do be sassy when called for.
Do ask questions.
Do give advice when you feel it’s appropriate.
Do use your best judgement.
Don’t post things 13-year-olds shouldn’t encounter.
Don’t put yourself in a position encounter things if you’re 13 and don’t have your parent’s permission.
Do know that we’re not responsible for anyone’s bad behavior. (We’re busy with teenagers of our own.)

What you can hope to expect from us:

We’ll share all of Deke’s best ideas, plus those we gather from our fancy expert friends.
We’ll try to answer your questions.
We’ll encourage conversations.
We won’t check out, even when we’re on vacation. (Well, we’ll make sure someone checks in if we’re underwater.)
We’ll go searching for the best, most accurate information, banging down our expert friend’s virtual doors if it’s beyond Deke’s vast (but admittedly human) knowledge.
We’ll tell mean people and spammers to get lost. (We’ll help them disappear if necessary.)
We’ll keep your information private, within the boundaries of showing the world your inventive work and insightful words.