101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Minutes

dekePod Pilot #2: After just one Pilot episode and two years of darkness (during which I was romancing my sponsors, not just sitting on my hands, BTW), dekePod is back and with a vengeance. We're calling this one Pilot #2, to be followed by regular episodes once every other week, assuming we don't all kill ourselves. (These things are massively time-consuming.) Here's the official marketing description:

If you've ever read a computer magazine, you know the idea behind "101 Tips."; One gala issue, lots of first-rate contributors, lots of quality information. And lots and lots of pages. But when's the last time one lone guy tried to capture 101 tips in video? In just 5 minutes of video? Set to music? This is the realm of dekePod, the once-every-other-weekly series from Deke McClelland. It's bold, it's brash, it's ridiculous. It's a podcast with serious issues. Enjoy.

The above movie is served up by blip.tv, which I have to say, rocks. (In-site embed + no branding + widescreen = rocks.) It auto-converts the file to a Flash movie and (I think, tho it's difficult to confirm) lowers the frame rate. For a smoother, less compressed version -- that you can download! -- try one of these links:

  • For a standard-quality QuickTime movie, right-click here and choose Save Target or Download Link or the equivalent.
  • For a slightly higher quality M4V file that you can play on an iPod, right-click here and choose one of those same commands.
  • Or you can subscribe to dekePod via RSS or iTunes.

You can also check out the dekePod landing page at my book publisher O'Reilly Media.

For a full transcription of the lyrics (available to members), click here.

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Nice sharing, but I think the interesting part is the trick to convert the output to Flash Movies. I'm a photoshop newbie and am grateful for this very useful tips

Wonderful!!! I was looking for these tips

for a long time. They helped me tremendously and I have improved a lot and I can use my creativity very well--thank you!

I've seen your tutorial

I've seen your tutorial videos in the past, they're what got me started in Photoshop. You always seem to make tutorials with your own unique style and this latest one continues your trend.


After all the positive comments I read, can't help but to watch what they're yapping about... and oh boy! This is really a great share! Not a disappointment to watch the whole video.
BTW, how do you pronounce your name? "Deke"

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Good articles and tips...thank you!

Awesome!!!!!! Thanks!!!

Awesome!!!!!! Thanks!!!


Interesting post. I’ll likely be coming back to your blog. Keep up great writing.

great tips, thank you

great tips, thank you for that information

Yeah, great!

Yeah, great! Thanks

Simply a masterpiece

What I can say? :D Awesome. That's the way to do entertaining education videos. Like a music video from early 90's. Haahhaahh. Deke, you have the touch to do some awesome art. :P All people should follow Deke, enjoying what ever you are doing. :D

Nicely done!

Awesome tips. I’ll be

Awesome tips. I’ll be passing this post on for sure

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There used to be a lot of of sketch plug ins available through independent channels that created line art, sketches etc. The last compatibility was with CS2. Allien Skin Eye Candy or so. You could line art photos, digitize etc. Many people lately don't want to use plug ins. a) they are expensive b) most of the things you can create other way with presets.

nice post. very informative.

nice post. very informative. that really helps a lot.

Thanks to you

mmm mmm, thanks for your tips . . .


buenisimo este video DEKE! sos un maestro!!

Bridge thumbnails

Hello. I have a quick question regarding thumbnail rotation in Bridge. After highlighting images (landscape that need rotation), neither rotation buttons can be used, and menu rotation commands are shaded also. Do you have any ideas as to why tis is?

Non-Photoshop stuff I've learned from this video and site

- This site exists! I found the video during an unrelated Google search, which led me here. How I've managed to miss that fact that this site exists for the last 2 years I have no idea.

- Deke can swear! Who knew? Good gravy, after watching his videos from the golly gosh darn Total Training CS2 series (which I have on DVD) through to some but not all of his overwhelming number of Lynda topics (prior to my subscription expiring), I didn't know that ability existed in the Dekeverse! (My subscription expired only because Lynda has some honking great holes in its course list (notably SQL Server and Visual Studio), so I'm back at TT for a year. But Lynda has Deke, so to Lynda shall I return in due course even though I haven't gone to CS4. Hey, I haven't even watched all of the CS*3* stuff yet...)

- I still don't know why Deke switched from TT to Lynda, but he did and come my upgrade to CS3 I followed him. I was rather disappointed by the absence of pantaloons in the first Lynda CS3 video that I saw; indeed Deke seemed almost apologetic for the "off the wall" nature of the CS2 series, even though he didn't refer to it explicitly. (Which admittedly some may have loved and some may have hated; my user name shows which camp I'm in.) This video hints at some of the background to that, but what does it matter since with DekePod, even though I've watched only 3 episodes so far, it seems that we get pure, unrefined, 100% Deke! Dam...er, I mean, gosh darn straight, don't let The Man keep you down!

- When I followed Deke to Lynda I discovered the (woefully underutilised IMHO) Garrick Chow who rocks as a DW trainer almost as much as Deke does as a PS one. So you can imagine my pleasure at seeing the Jellybricks (incorporating one Garrick Chow) as being the backing group for this video.

Now I just have to find the time to watch all of the other DekePods...

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Thanks for the tips! I easily learned them through your tips.

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Nice Tips

I did find an article like this. Very nice for the designers. Thanks.

retouching in CS4

I've been working my way through "Channels & Masks" - currently on lesson 7 and have a question. How can I slim a face in Photoshop?

cs4 one-on-one

Check out deke's other book on the liquify filter for all the pixel-pushing power you need.

Great Tips Photoshop

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This phoshop tips really help me any way, since I am newbie in photoshop, thanks

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