101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Minutes

dekePod Pilot #2: After just one Pilot episode and two years of darkness (during which I was romancing my sponsors, not just sitting on my hands, BTW), dekePod is back and with a vengeance. We're calling this one Pilot #2, to be followed by regular episodes once every other week, assuming we don't all kill ourselves. (These things are massively time-consuming.) Here's the official marketing description:

If you've ever read a computer magazine, you know the idea behind "101 Tips."; One gala issue, lots of first-rate contributors, lots of quality information. And lots and lots of pages. But when's the last time one lone guy tried to capture 101 tips in video? In just 5 minutes of video? Set to music? This is the realm of dekePod, the once-every-other-weekly series from Deke McClelland. It's bold, it's brash, it's ridiculous. It's a podcast with serious issues. Enjoy.

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Cool Tips

Yeah.. you explain it very well. I cannot explain it as well as you are. Explain 101 photoshop tips in 5 minute? Nice job Bisnis Online | Mengembalikan Jati Diri Bangsa

You Can't Do It

There is no way a human being could make a video like this every two weeks! How would you have any time to Photoshop! If you can do it, you must be super human. This is top notch stuff Deke, I can't remember half of it, but it was great anyhow. Is there a link on here somewhere that will let me buy everything you ever made at one time? Boy, I'd like to do that. I think you sing better than Scott Kelby too. Not to mention you could beat him arm wrestling. Ken Walker

wow , this tips helped me

wow , this tips helped me tremendously and i have improved a lot and i can use my creativity very well thank you.


Ok, the other colour names in your wheel are great. I can dig 'em. Visualise 'em, even. But "Lake"?! I live in a lake district, and if any of our lakes were that colour, they'd have signs warning people not to swim or fish there. :-D

The first First Pilot - the one about scanning dough

I thought I'd make some bread. ;-) Back in the beginning, Deke, when you said "let there be pixels" and the pixels begat dekePod, which lay in quiet repose for a couple of years, your first pod was about scanning money and the work around through Image Ready. Now, all this time and a couple of versions of Photoshop later, sans Image Ready, I thought I'd give the scanning money thing a go. I was able to scan and print money to my hearts content - so what's happened to the security thing that had to be worked around? Does it not matter any more, or is it just that Kiwi money isn't really money (something I had always suspected)? (Oh, and a quick caveat: I do not condone the practice of counterfeiting cash and I'm far too chicken and far too honest to ever try it. I was just curious after going back through my dekePods an' stuff, is all.)

the line image

Deke, you seem to have alot of influnence with Adobe. So here is a new plug in for photoshop that you should pitch to them. The Line Image (not trace). Back in 1970 I dabbled in Photography to include having my own dark room. During that time a found a technique called the line image. Here is how it works; Stack a positive and negative on top of each other, now this should produce a pure white image on the paper. But if you slightly offset one of the films then the exposure light can get through the "cracks" producing an amazing line image on the photo paper. when you stack the film it is film backing to film backing so that the coatings are slightly separated. I think a plug in could be created to stack the pos and neg on top of each other inside photoshop, slightly off setting one so that the "crack is visable" to photoshop. Now all photoshop has to do is identify these cracks and create a black line image. If you know someone that has a darkroom have them demonstrait this for you and I believe you will be truly amazed.


There used to be a lot of of sketch plug ins available through independent channels that created line art, sketches etc. The last compatibility was with CS2. Allien Skin Eye Candy or so. You could line art photos, digitize etc. Many people lately don't want to use plug ins. a) they are expensive b) most of the things you can create other way with presets.

Petra's way is one approach

And a really good one, BTW. There's a Find Edges filter that behaves very similarly to Petra's Difference technique. Plus several of the Filter Gallery filters produce edge tracing effects that are successful to varying degrees. Did you check out my two-part line drawing article here on the site? This is part 1, this is part 2. If none of this is what you're after, send us an example. (You'll have to post elsewhere and link here.) Or email colleen@deke.com. And we'll see if we can come up with a match. As for lobbying Adobe, I have a pretty long list . . .

Try this, lloyd21136

Open an image and copy it to a new layer (cmd or ctrl + J). Set the blend mode to difference. It will turn black. Select the move tool and then tap the arrow keys a couple of times either up or down, and a couple of times left or right. This will bring out the lines. Then stamp visible layers to a new layer (ctrl+shift+alt+E or Cmd+shift+opt+E), invert that layer (cmd or ctrl + I), and then desaturate it (shift ctrl or shift cmd + U). Is that the kind of effect you are after?

One on One and new features in CS4

Hello Deke, I just love the presentation on Lynda.com and I already bought the cs4 PS and waiting for the release of the masks.on PS CS4 in December. I have one specific question for you in regards of the video on lynda.com new features. You've done something that came to my attention and I just can't figure this out. I wonder if there is any way to contact me on my email so I don't have to flood this board?

Hey, Archee

You've probably sussed it out by now, but just post wherever. We've looking for better organization, but in the meantime, it's Q&A Free 4 All.


hey m8, its done. That was the question about the red sky road horizon and I just found out the 32 bit preview. Which is not actually the preview but 32 bit exposure down on the status bar of document window once you click the black triangle. I couldn't find this for long but yesterday I did. This was completely sudden because I just hover with my airbrush over it and it just blink. If I get hands on 32 bit camera like the new Canon I will definitely use this. It's similar to exposure in CR but all images has to be 32 bit. Also in Shorcuts I setup the preview in 32 bit. Just to see. I still don't know where this menu is actually hidden. Here is one for you do you use Cintiq or just pen tablet? If yes, would integrate part of your books to proper use with tablets? This is not for me. Since I have 2 tablets and Cintiq home but people sometimes ask me how hard this and that there is no many tutorial how to use it with PS. I told them that that's not true. There are actually many but here we go again - Collin Smith. So that's what we say no no. I tried the new plug in. It's fun. I've seen these with AE and I think even Kai. It's too bad that most of the old plugins wont work on new versions.

Can't keep up...

...I mean, I'm trying really really hard to scibble all of these shortcuts down but I just can't go that fast. Is there a .pdf or something out there? p.s. purchased TT for CS2 about a year ago...finally getting around to watching it (having a newborn means you no longer have a life, don'tcha know)...now I know masks aren't just for Halloween pictures!!! Woohoo!

CS 4

Once you get hands on CS4 you won't go back. 1) The simplified interface 2) OpenGL 3) Bridge and Camera Raw 5 + big plus +++ 4) if you use Mac well that's a different story 5) Deke's one on one series is something that u are going to love and with CS4 finally. Good luck

Hi randy

most of it is covered in the transcript here. You can find a great overview of PS shortcuts on this site cheers fab

Awesome! Thanks so much :-)

Awesome! Thanks so much :-)


yeah i agree with you, that amazing thank

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You are smashing

Hey Deke, You're really amazing. I remember when I first bought a book from you - Photoshop 4 Bible. Since that moment I really enjoy each second when read or watch your tutorials. You make the things easy to understand and to have fun at the same time. Just keep that way! I'm a huge fan of yours. St. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am not young enough to know everything.

Breathe in – Breathe out – and strech

Love the energy, Now I can prove to my students I don't talk too fast,… just start up with this.

Another country for your list

Greetings from Iceland - Hoping to pump up the color on your map - more green outside of the USA! Love your podcast - addiction around the corner! DON´T stop : ) Lára

Land of the Ice and Snow

Which is greener than Greenland, as everyone knows. So with your post, we went from 1 Icelandic visitor to 24. Lára, you did something. What is your sway? We north of the Line of Cancer (and yet still south of you) want to know. :-)

Take a deep breath...

Great video...by the way Nada Surf called, they want their song back!!!

dekePod 101 Pshop tips

Amazing! i didnt think i'd learn anything out of this bc it looked too fun, but seriously, i kept pausing to go test out the tips. Now i can be an even geekier Pshop geek! Thanks Deke!

Great one

Oh my god, Deke, I always loved your teaching videos out there at lynda.com, but if I knew that it is possible to present .. no, to rap 101 Photoshop tips in 5 minutes like that, I would have built you an altar ;-) Great one, man, go on with this PLEAAASEEE!!! A visitor from Germany ;-)


Oh Deke...I LOVED IT. /guitar


Great job Deke! It's one AWESOME,CRAZY video!!! Learned a lot! Love your work.

The Energy, the merciless pounding, the Humanity of it all!

Deke, Man, what can I say that has not been said. Your dekePod is a master piece of adrenaline. Love the humor, intensity and the whole Fuc-personing thing. Looking forward to 101 layers tricks you can use as an excuse to do another one of these crazy things! Best regards, Scott

the 101 tips video I saw in

the 101 tips video I saw in photojojo is Amazing!!! so good! and so excellence made that I have to thank you (your team) for making such good creation!!! Felicitaciones desde Argentina!!!

Awesome video

one of the Best videos I've seen in years good job Deke. hope seeing more videos like this :)