Ah, Yes, I Rather Made a Promise

This week's dekePod, Stealth 'Shop, The Virgin Histogram, features a photograph of one of San Francisco's most infamous (and I think wonderful) pieces of private artwork, a great towering anatomically enhanced robot by Nemo Gould.

In the Conclusion to my video, I say, "Or go to my personal site, deke.com, which also contains the uncensored robot photo. And yes, that whole phallus thing, I was not making it up. It's quite evident." That's my way of saying, be forewarned before proceeding.

In the spirit of delivering on my promise, here's Nemo's resplendent robot.

Nemo's robot

Yes, I am messing with you. Click on the robot to see the real thing.

Strangely, I have nothing left to say.

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Heavy metal, baby!

I can see that robot working in one of those sleazy Vegas bars, with tassles on his pneumatic willy as he swings it in circles, like those big breasted girlies do with their dancing bewbies. Loadsa fun! :-D

Ah, now...

...I can see why he's so angry. I guess the little blue pill isn't working for him? Either that or it's the major case of chafing he's getting just by walking. - Jack Cole --------------- if.red.say.red | decisive design Chicago

Near as I could guess

He just wasn't all that attracted to me.

Oh my god

my eyes! my eyes! it's horrible! I can't see!