Cookin' with Camera Raw #3: Getting Selective

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You can achieve more contrast in this example by moving the yellow and the green sliders in opposite direction.
The same goes for the sky moving Blues and Aquas in opposite direction.
Noise is often a result of moving blues and yellows sliders.

Good points

Yes, you can exploit any color complements and move their sliders in opposite directions to get greater contrast, especially in a case like yellow/blue --- where the yellow is rendered lighter than blue by default. To be a bit more specific, you want to lighten the yellows and darken the blues to enhance the contrast.

Also, noise will increase any time you dramatically lighten any dark tones. In an RGB limage (i.e. once the image is rendered and transferred to Photoshop) noise often "lives" in the blue channel, so any tonal adjustment that emphasizes the blue channel will increase noise. Camera Raw isn't working that way, but I can imagining that lightening blues in particular would have a related effect.