Deke's Techniques 303: A Totally Serious Photoshop Workflow

In this week's free Deke's Techniques video, Deke shares a totally serious best practices workflow for cutting edge Photoshop technology. Totally. Seriously. 

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And if you could also share a tutorial on how to make that lovely feline wallpaper, then it would be "purrfect" xD

By the way, what's a megapixel? It ain't bigger than 640x480, is it?

Holly macaroni

I am going to trash my Photoshop CC and mail in that coupon to get my case of floppies! The only hiccup is that it won't cost me five cents as in the video but rather a buck as the cost of mailing a letter has just increased to 1 dollar in Canada this week!!!!

Good work! I love the comment about this being for babies!

On Deke's Techniques 303

Ha ha!

Now tell me Election Day 2008 was an April Fool's joke, too!


"Thanks again, for another day full of something that I
just can't put my finger on." -- Kim Knoche