Deke's Techniques, The Final Challenge: Anything Goes

Hey gang,

Deke's Techniques: The Challenge has officially entered its final phase, in which I invite you to create a video on anything you want. I call it Anything Goes.

Deke's Techniques: The Anything Goes Challenge

I like this graphic that I created because it leaves so much to the imagination. What could that word with the asterisks (*) be? I think it means "shuck-e-darns" but, alas, I'm not a good speller.

Start creating your video now. For the official rules and regs, check out This may be that one contest with the best odds on the planet. So far, 1 out of every 4 entries have split $8500 in prizes. And they're really great prizes to boot.

For Anything Goes, the winners will split $10,000 in prizes. Only the odds are better, because four entries will win. Seriously, I would fly to Vegas if I was this certain of winning. But perhaps I'm greedy and you guys only share stuff because you like group hugs. Which is cool because I live in Boulder, Colorado, where we eat granola and group hug all the time. Only really we do so really aggressively, because we're a bunch of core-power yoga Type-A assholes.

A week from today, we will announce the winners of our most recent contest, The Illustrator Challenge. Awesomely, the entries are really super awesomely!

Thanks to everyone for submitting and commenting. You guys rock!!! (!) !

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hello guys, regards

Foro some reason actually I dont really understand about what are you guys doing at here, but I'll stick around for a while,,good luck guys

Brian Tantra
Ide Anda Masa Depan Anda

It's kind of like a cooking show

Only different. ;)

30 minute meals

only faster