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Hey gang!

Each and every week, until the sun bashes into the moon--crazy as it may sound, those are the terms of my contract--I'll be recording a free weekly episode of Deke's Techniques. With a few additional episodes exclusively available to members of the lynda.com Online Training Library. Which irritated dekeOnline member SpaceKat, who called me a capitalist ho'. No no no, I'm not offended. In a tough economy and everyone has to make a living. Even me.

But here's the thing: I've now recorded 26 episodes of this free weekly series--by way of example, the image below shows a detail from the results of the upcoming April 19th episode, "Deke's Techniques 016: Turning a Photo into an Ink Drawing"--with only modest input from YOU, the consumer of this weekly product. Please, help me out and get engaged. Comment here and tell me what you want. And I, in return, will give you what you need.

Deke's Techniques 016: Turning a Photo into an Ink Drawing

Wow, maybe SpaceKat was right. Perhaps I am a ho'. (And by ho', I mean Hell-O-va Seriously Invested Provider of Computer-Graphics Video Training. Which technically is hosipocgvt. But, c'mon, who can pronounce that? SpaceKat's abbreviated ho' is better.)

In the meantime, tell me what you want. Ho' or no ho', my job (like Santa's) is to make you happy.

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Where is Gloss Option

In CS5, in the Repousse Dialog Box is the Gloss Option. I have pretty much located all the options from Repousse in the Properties Panel for CS6....EXCEPT for Gloss. Where did they hide it???????

Hi very nice post. I came to

Hi very nice post. I came to know about your blog through google and I have done something absolutely right by clicking onto your blog.

Creating a Signature

Can you please show us how you created the signature that you used in Deke's Techniques # 059.

Small Icons/Thumbnails

Hi Deke,
What is the correct way to create tiny web icons/logos/thumbnails that will be full of sharp detail?
I never seem to get good results.


Your article has helped me to understand this subject on a different level!

How do you do it!?

Hello Deke and Empress of the DekeIverse,

I've been in awe at your tutorials for quite a while now as my husband is usually playing one a few times a week.
Today I find myself in the difficult position of having to write-up some training documentation for a very boring database software.
First thing I thought of was that if I were you I’d certainly be able to make it interesting and fun.
I was wondering if it was worth trying to emulate you even just a touch by recording it instead of using drowsy interactive WebPages or worse… PowerPoint presentations!!! Eeek!
What have you used for tutorial recording and do you think a newbie would be able to handle it ?

Thanks for the inspiration!

Thanks for your marvelous

Thanks for your marvelous posting! I actually enjoyed reading it. You are a great author. I will ensure that I bookmark your blog and come back in the foreseeable future. I want to encourage that you continue your great job. Have a nice weekend!

InDesign CS 5 / 5.5 One on One book


Are you going to update your INdy cs4 book to 5/5.5 soon? If so, when??



Restoring old Photographs

Hi Deke, I love your edutainment style!

My question is what's the best way to take out stains and sticky tape marks from old sepia photographs that need restoring?

Keep making videos and books


Suggestion for new topic

First let me say that I joined this site just after is started and am simply amazed every week.

I would like to know how to make a specific type of picture/art. I know how to make it as a brush, png, jpg or whatever else I can think of. I just don't know where to start to make the picture. Here is a link to a couple samples - http://www.designerdigitals.com/digital-scrapbooking/supplies/images/DS431989.jpg and http://www.designerdigitals.com/digital-scrapbooking/supplies/images/EL764272.jpg

If this isn't something you would teach, would you please tell me what to search for and I'll go off happlily googling.

Carol (aka Fudge)

Setting up Keyboard shortcuts

I have your book, Adobe Photoshop CS5 one-on-one.
In the section where you adjust keyboard shortcut preferences on a mac - I can not seem to change them... what am I doing wrong?
Does it change and not show it?

Switching black arrow to white arrow on Window's XP

When using the pen tool it is handy to switch from the black arrow to the white arrow on the fly. The keyboard shortcut out of the box is Alt + Ctrl + Tab.

To use this shortcut while using the pen tool hold down Alt + Ctrl then click the Tab key to toggle between the black and white arrow.

You must continue holding down the Alt + Ctrl to use the selected arrow. Releasing returns to the pen tool.


Deke, I noticed that the Photoshop CS5 One-on-One Advanced / Mastery are available on DVD but not through Amazon (UK), any chance this will happen?

I have bought the Photoshop CS4 Channels and Masks, Adobe Photoshop CS5 One-On-One and really found them an amazing source of techniques and tips which helped me understand how to apply Photoshop tools to best effect.

I am spending almost all my spare time using Photoshop (any filters which increase the number of hours in the day).

I think your books and video tutorials are a great source of information and have made a difference to myself. So I'm just happy to have access to such a great source of knowledge.

Keep up the great work!!


1on 1 Fundamentals - Shape Combination Tip for Rotated Shapes

Deke - Do I get the tip of the day award? One on One Fundamentals for Illustrator, video 609: Combine the "Cross" shapes with the Blob tool in one easy step at the point of intersection instead of using the Shape Builder tool in several steps!

I am a rookie but just a small circle from the Blob tool at the point of intersection for several complex overlapping shapes that share a common rotational point are easily combined in one step. You're previous instruction on the Blob tool was my inspiration. Thanks

Illustrator to Photoshop

I would really like to see some more quick tutorials on how to move things between applications. I am trying to move a path from Illustrator to Photoshop and I can't paste into Photoshop. The paste option is always grayed out. Someone suggested its the preference files but I've checked them and they seem good. Having tutorials to revert back to in situations like this would be bonus, particularly by one of the best instructors on the net. (How's that for a plug).

making the wood grain look weathered

I watched both your videos on making synthetic wood grain on Lynda.com. What I wanted to know is, how would you make the wood slats look old and weathered. Like it was from the old west?

Type effect

I have been trying to make type appear as if were made of glass, but just can't get the look of real glass. I have tried all sorts of effects, blending options, fill, and opacity but just can't seem to get a believable result, at least not for me anyway. I am by the way my own worst critic. The type always appears to resemble a somewhat muddy plastic not the clear , distorting and highly reflective true glass. Some help in the form of a "Deke's techniques" would be awsome.
Thanks, tonyb2760

Diamond shaped image

I saw this on a wall in a hotel, so there was no one to ask. Then I thought, Deke will know.

The picture was a red maple leaf on a grassy background The leaf almost filled the picture. No big deal, lots of photos would work so this is just to give a mental image. However it was set up in diamond shape (4 feet on a side) and to make it even more complicated, the diamond was cut into 4 squares and printed on canvas, then mounted almost flush.

Made a great presentation. So, I tried all sorts of rotation ideas, including a larger canvas, but haven't found the magic formula.

Any ideas, Deke?

Steve Kalman

my suggestion

Hi Steve

Deke would know best, but here's my 2 bits.

create a new document 4ft x 4ft.
paste your image (sized appropriately of course) into this document
If you have many image layers, group them.
Rotate your image layer or group (not the canvas) by 45 degrees.
Slice the document into 2x2 squares
Save your slices.
Print each slice on canvas
Arrange them so your image is upright
Voila. you're done.

Let me know if this approach worked for you. :)

Repoussé with more than one word

Hi, I want to take three words and a bar and make them do everything as if they are one word like the "DIMENSION" you use in the Lynda.com video. But I can't select more than one word at a time, and then use repoussé. If I apply exactly the same dialog box settings to each word-they all have different extrusions and look awful, to put it mildly.

How do I handle several objects that need to have the same amount of bevel, extrusion depth etc. etc.?

I'm having serious video playing your videos on Lynda today, it may be the campus network, although I can play YouTube without a hitch. I'll attempt again tomorrow to continue watching, maybe there's something in a later video I've been unable to view.

Repoussé works on one layer at a time

Then you can combine them using the Merge command. But as you say, you have the extrusion depth problem b/c Repoussé measures extrusion and other attributes relative to the size of the object.

In your case, you should first combine the 2D type and bar into a single shape layer and then apply Repoussé.

Wacom Tablet Techniques

Hi Deke ... thanks for all you do!

I would welcome an entire series devoted to techniques for the Wacom tablet. I have recently purchased a Wacom 4 medium tablet (as per your request in the PS 1x1 series) and I am quite certain that there is much more I can do with this thing, yet uncertain how to go about learning it.

Are you willing to share how you use this tool?


Animal manipulations

I was thinking that you could show how to create those funny manipulations of animals, like bird with elephants head or zebra with rhinos head etc.

Mask technique request? are you serious?

Deke, I know you have recorded 27.34 billion minutes of masking tutorials over the years, however here's a little technique that i'd like to see your method for.
Blurring a mask edge gradually to allow for Depth of Field.
Something exciting like masking a cardboard box, so the mask is sharp at the front, but blurry at the back.

I know there are many ways to perform this, but I seem to find myself getting muddled with a mixture of all of them, quick masks, gradients,smart filters and channel palettes everywhere.

I'm sure you could incorporate it into a technique vid for some fancy effect.

If you have already covered this somewhere Deke, id be over the moon with a link in the right direction :)


No suggestion yet, but....

Hi Deke,

I'm too new to Illustrator to ask for more techniques, so I'm sure I'm on the wrong thread right now. However, I love your free videos and am just starting your book Adobe Illustrator CS5 One-on-One. One setting is not working the way it is described in the book. Is there an appropriate place on deke.com to ask you questions about stuff like that? Thanks!

Technique Request

Hello Deke,

It'd be great to see how to change a color portrait and add face paint. Either that mime or KISS makeup type effect. I find achieving the white face paint very difficult. Anything I have seen just looks desaturated/grayscale. White & Black look very different in grayscale and color. Up for the challenge? I triple dog dare you. Game on?!


Hi Deke,
please do some illustrator effects too! Some stylized graphics like swirls and swooshes, how to make paint splatter brushes in PS or Illustrator... basically how to recreate popular effects... not so much because of their style, but just to show how they were created.

Deke help help... man you are too fast!!!

You are such a whizz!!
Just commented over at Lynda dot com about your tutorial skills.
Let me give you an analogy.
Watched your piece on "Andy Warhol"
There is me pottering along on the inside lane in a VW Polo.
You come past me in a Turbo Porsche and I did not even see your tail lights!!
Hey Deke if I could get the composition the way you do in the time you do or even get anything like I could "trade in my VW Polo"
Wow man as we say in London "you are the business!!!"

Photoshop Elements

Spangze I am just learning what can be done with PSE. I enjoy your tutorials and I would to see more about PSE. I belong to a computer club and many members use your tutorials and have only good things to say about them. Where can I find more tutorials on PSE. Thank you.

Remove lighting reflection

Hi Deke! Thanks for the series - I'm looking forward to it with drooley anticipation!

One thing I'd like to see is how to remove reflections that aren't intense enough they destroy an image but that are obvious flash or spot reflections. An example of what I mean is the picture from Fotolia artist Maksim Samasiuk at http://us.fotolia.com/id/18877584 -- how could I remove the light variations so it is evenly illuminated?

Thanks for asking!
Jim Sewell / @Deverill