More Poetry

I wrote another poem! I tell you, I'm so damn creative when I have lots of other stuff that I'm supposed to be doing. Good news is, it's short:

I was reading an article
about people who make more
than $20 million a year.
And then I dropped it
and looked down
at a hill of ants.
And I noticed something:
The ants who make more
than $20 million a year
(I saw some, I really did!)
are still ants.

And just to be sure,
I squished one.


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Poor Ant :p

Now complete the rest of this following poem . .
~ When the blazing son was scorching at Everyone,
A thought that it would rain, Gave them hope
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ~ :D

Untitled Poem 3rd line

But nope...only dry carrion.


When Adobe come up with “Word-Shop” you’ll have a whole new career Deke...
“100 word/tips in one minute?” … Watch this space… : - )
But bring back Colleen to edit it first. Please.......
BRB (in the UK)

help me make [a fraction of] $20m!!!!

Hi Deke: i'm a long time fan of the photographer variety. i've bought several [3?] of your books. i'm a subscriber to where i'm learning Dreamweaver.
i met someone who said he'll give me work, right now [and both my wife and i are unemployed] if i can take layered Photoshop mock-ups of web pages created by someone else and use Dreamweaver to turn them into functional web pages.
i've looked around quite a bit and can't find anything about this. would you/ could you please give me a directional tip?
many thanks,


I got this link from Deke's partner in guru crime, James Williamson (who teaches the Dreamweaver Essential Training course at

Right now, this is probably the best advice available. (Because James is smart and compassionate.)


I'm looking into an answer

First, thanks to biddles for the response below.

Meanwhile, as you might might imagine, I'm not familiar with the entire library. But I've asked a colleague at LDC to look into your question (which, btw, seems like a pretty common concern to me) and get back to you.

Your future is at stake, so we're on it!

layered Photoshop mock-ups into functional web pages

I am no expert but if you have fireworks, there are lynda videos along these lines for fireworks. . .
i.e. Fireworks CS5: Rapid Prototyping

i am pretty sure the PSD lyers file would be openable in FW

the result then could be tweaked/massaged in DW

I can't imagine that this workflow would be called refined or as clean a result as coding from scratch but does work in the direction you indicated

I noticed that I neglected to give my poem a name

So I'm calling it "Untitled."


I shed a tear.

Haha! Nice one! : )

Haha! Nice one! : )

Channeling Whitman?

Yes, definitely crazy creative. This is a fun one but I like Raven's 9 best even though it's ominous and fatalistic. I read it quickly the first time and just read it again. Wow, pulled that out of a dream?!?

Very Nice!


haha! Damit

haha! Damit