Photoshop Top 40, Feature #38: Vector Type

Photoshop Top 40 marches on with Feature #38, "Vector Type."

The idea is this: Most everything in Photoshop is made of pixels. Don't get me wrong, pixels are fantastic. For the present, they're the only means we have to render a continuous-tone image in the digital realm. But they are ultimately finite. And they don't respond positively to enlargement.

Type is something altogether different.

Although Photoshop shows type in pixels, the program renders it as vectors, meaning that you can enlarge your text all you want without any degradation in quality. Not to mention edit the text, format it, and blend it with a photographic image in ways no other program permits.

Learn how in this surprisingly real-world--if occasionally tongue-in-cheek--video. I explore text wrap, masking, scaling, and more in delicious detail.

Thanks to Andrejs Pidjass of bargain image vendor Fotolia for the alluring photograph!

(For a list of all Photoshop Top 40 videos thus far, click this link.)

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Interesting video

Interesting video. I am a beginner of photo shop, it help me a lot.

No need for that hi res

Except maybe for full black text on a light-colored background, the super duper high resolution will not be neccessary for most text that is rasterized for CMYK-output. Because of the rasterizing process, the edges will be crumbly anyhow, so the pixels aren't noticeable. This holds true for black text on a somewhat darker mixed background too.

I did a bunch of tests to illustrate this, and a lot of old school prepress folks I showed those test were very surprised they couldn't in fact see any difference.

Text layers question

Thanks for all the awesome videos and your willingness to download your brain publicly! ok, now I have a question, related to Type: is there a way to merge Type layers, but keep the resultant layer still an editable Text layer? this is the scenario: I often type text layers on a project, so now I have all the different text layers with a few words on each. I'd like to take all of the text, and "merge" it, or just move it (a la illustrator, REAL vectorized type) to one single layer... when I select alll the text layers and do a "merge Layers", I do get all the type on one layer, but now that layer (and thus, all text on it) is now rasterized, and not editable... is there some super esoteric trick to move text from one layer to another and keep it editable? I figure if anyone will know, it'd be you (or Russell Brown...oops, did I just blow my chance of you answering my question?) thanks again... you totally rock!

who wouldn't love this

who wouldn't love this feature!


So from what I am getting is that Photoshop text is vectored instead of rasterized...So lets say I finished this in Photoshop if I import it into Illustrator would then the text layer be automatically vectorized? Please be gentle and don't flame me I is still learning...

DekePod on iTunes

Did you stop posting these to the iTunes store? For some reason I can view some videos you post here but others come up blank? But pulling them from iTunes has never been an issue.


Hi Deke. Interesting video. I want to know if you can send my a list of tutorials for photoshop, I am a beginner. Thanks Visit my Free Energy Blog for tips on how to save money on your utilities.

Up resing

I'm sure that's the name of a Bob Marley album. But anyway, I'm finally catching up on these tutorials again, and have a question about up resing (up rezing?) - up something to 600 dpi. I understand how it will make the text smoother and more defined, but what will that do to the photo? Will the photo still print as well? This question brought to you by the late, great Les Paul:

Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for sharing this info, keep up the good work :)


One of my friends was looking for this very thing. I'll send this link to him. Thanks again!

Wow! what an amazing tool...

I've got to try it! Thanks for the info!


Great! I could imagine this tool can be so powerful. Thank you.

Just started to learn the

Just started to learn the ins and outs of photoshop. And i have come to realization that i don't believe many photos i see now LOL. I mean you can do almost anything with this.

Photoshop CS4 one-on-one - German Version??

You do a great job. I love your work. Nice tuturials. I would know when the book Photoshop CS4 one-on-one is available in German language ?? Greets vanceregnet089


Thanks, I have always wondered about masking - and actually seeing it done as opposed to reading how to do it, makes a HUGE difference!

How come they dont use

How come they dont use vector images also? I know that fireworks does this, but it would be a really nice feature to have in photoshop. I guess you cant really vector a photo thats the problem.

Thanks for the great video.

Thanks for the great video. Being new to photoshop. This video is making the learning much quicker thanks

I took photoshop for the

I took photoshop for the first time last weekend and was blown away (although I'll never trust a photo again! lol.) Have more to learn I know and seeing this makes me even more excited.

Thanks for the great info

I am fairly new to photoshop(I know...I am always the last to catch on :) so this was something I did not know about. Thanks for the information -Svet

vectors always better

in my opinion i love vectors based images caus its a lot smaller than a pixel based image dont forget the awesome pen tool i think its the best tool in photoshop just that thanks


I'd completely forgotten this - good to be reminded and dust off those dying brain cells!

Great job

Great job thanks for sharing.

Thank you

A new learning curve is always welcome ;-)


Your are the man, Jim M


Sweeeet!. I do miss you sticking it to the man on Deke pod though. That candle will only burn so long.

Thank you

This is something that is so very useful to learn if you do not already know it. Even if you already know it, it is so very useful to be reminded. To be shown so crisply and effectively really is outstanding. Thank you, Deke.