The Droplet Song (A Love Song to a Lost Feature in Photoshop)

dekePod Episode 012: Hello, friends. Please accept my sincere apologies for the 14-week gap between this dekePod and the last one. Life and work, and more life and work, and still more life and work got in the way. Happily, I managed to clear my plate and come up with something new and special for you. Think of it as a kind of St. Patrick's Day resolution, in which I abandon my feisty ways and embrace my sensitive side. Even if it's only for one episode. Here's the official marketing description:

How best to encourage people to use an obscure but super-useful Photoshop feature? Rhyme, rhythm, and romance. Hence a music video that will make all your automation dreams come true. Give Deke five minutes of your time and he’ll set your world on fire.

Filmed in and around San Francisco's Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park (not to mention some random guy's apartment), this soothing video will make you feel alive again. I even learned to play the guitar for you!

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Members: Keep an eye out for a future article, in which I'll post the lyrics and a downloadable MP3 version of the song. In the meantime, enjoy.

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You guys are way too cute. Best podcast evah! :-D

:)) That's really nice and

:)) That's really nice and funny! I like it! Andra

I Did Not Know You Could Sing!

And, I was right! The song was nice, but I would prefer a little less song and more tutorial. But, its your podcast, and I'll continue to watch. David

Haha, awesome! :) Although i

Haha, awesome! :) Although i think that semi-maniac, semi-prisoner look/ style from your 101 photoshop tips song suits you more ;) Dont get us hooked on songs tho, we might want more (do we, really?) :P Keep up the good (and fun) work, you are no.1! Cheers to you, your team and everyone involved... Zilla.

Balm for my ears

Loved that! I think that your backing singers (whose harmonies were wonderful...) may have spawned a new dance craze! The return of dekePOD has filled me with the same warm fuzzy feeling as one-too-many martini's : -) Fantastic. Lee.


Deke, I knew that you`re a Photoshop genius. But hey, this video is really cool and I absolutley love your song! steven


Let me be the first to congratulate you on the song! Very smoothly done! I am gonna try it now! ... and nice dancing by all!! Steve