The First-Ever Custom CS4 Palette

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Channels & Masks Custom Palette

Is this Palette also available for CS5 as I note when I install the CS4 version is does not appear in among the Extension choices.

Channels+Masks Note for Windows 7, X64

It installed fine. The extension Manager shows installation only in the X64 version, but it also installed in the X32 version. Why am I concerned with X32? Many of my plugins are not X64 compatible, and I do not wish to purchase the X64 upgrades coming out.

channels & masks.mxp

Deke, I've been trying to load your channels and masks.mxp plug in from your "Photoshop CS4 Chanels & Masks, " book. Iget the following message."you do not have the appropriate permissions required to perform this operation. Contact your system administrator to obtain permission." well I am the administrator and am logged on as such. Any clues?

Sorry, my bad. got it to work. Fantastic book


I get the same message; what did you do?

found answer lower in post

Hi there. I just posted a reply about the same thing but as soon as I sent it I read further down in the post and found the answer. Guess I should have read first! ;p

Oh well here is what I found...

Submitted by fabulacious on 5 January 2009 - 8:51pm.
pixelpunk, you are looking for the Adobe Extension Manager. It should have a shortcut in the Creative Suite start menu folder after installing CS4. You might run into the problem that you don't have the necessary permissions to install the custom panel, in that case try launching the extension manager with administrator rights by rightclicking its icon and choosing "run as administrator".


I too am not authorized

I too am having problems installing the palette. Please let me know how to get past this as I am so looking forward to using this book!

OPPS...nm I found it! Thanks

The Average Color of the Universe

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courtesy NASA (listed in Wikipedia too!)

Adding the 4 Bernhard Modern Standard fonts

I am working from the beginning of InDesign CS4 One on One and amtrying to get the 8 fonts copied from my CS4 Contents disk. The Chaparral Pro and the Myriad Pro fonts are listed, but I can not find the 4 Bernhard Modern Standard Fonts listed. Any ideas? And if they are not to be found, what kind of effect will that have while I am trying to do the excersises in the 1on1 book?
Thanks for any help!

There is a Bernhard fix

To download it, go to this link:

(I found it by searching for "Berhard" in the top-right Go field. It's not perfect, but the search option often works very nicely for finding posts and fixes on the site.)

Me too

I am having the same challenge. It's too bad that nobody has posted a resolution to this challenge. I think this will be a great book, but it doesn't look like I have reason to ever visit this website.

Nice tools

Woww.. that was very nice tools. It can make us fun in designing. Thanks for this useful tools

No link for martini hour or C+M pallet download

Am I the only one who doesn't have the links active on this page? All other links on the page work. Only the ones for the audio MH download and the C+M link are dead.

should work now.

should work now.

Works now Cool

That is one TALL pannel if you hadn't added the slider to the right side I wouldn't be able to access everything (only a laptop) Now to mix a drink and relax at the bar;-) Thanks

C&M palette source

Deke.. I love the palette and will use it as I go through your book. However, I think, at some point, I would like to modify...personalize...the palette to meet my specific needs. No being a programmer, starting this from scratch is a bit "daunting". Would you be willing to share the "source" of the use both as a basis and a learning tool? Thanks...John jrsforums at EDIT: Found out from JN that the "source" is already the /plugins/panels directory....the .GPC file.


I'm away from the office at the moment, furiously recording content by day and writing dekePod scripts by night. So I don't have all the files I used to craft that thing. But if you can work from the GPC file, then fantastic. Needless to say, I have no problem with you or anyone else customizing the palette to suit your needs. I'd rather see it accommodate your workflow than the other way around.

New Channels and Masks Palette crashes CS4

All, I posted this message on the comments for the book as well - before I saw this comments area. I am wondering if I can re-create it if I can't get it to work. Any thoughts? I am fired up to start leaning from this book. Installation of all the extras went great right up until I clicked on the extensions: channels+masks. Photoshop shuts down so fast I had to look around the first time to see that it was actually gone. I am running photoshop CS4 in Windows in 64bit. Other than this little issue I have had absolutely now problems with the program - I have been stitching together panoramas and multiple image collage and generally having a good time on large high intensity operations without so much as a hiccup. Does this palette not work in 64bit? Is there a setting I need to change? Please help. Thank you, Chris

New Channels & Masks Palette Win XP 64

Since posting I have found out that it is only on XP 64 bit and that XP 64 is specifically not supported by Adobe. They MAY fix this in a few weeks. BUMMER! It is so much better than Vista 64 - more stable etc. Wish they would unofficially support it. Even palettes that you make yourself cause insta-crash. If anyone finds a workaround please tell me. Thanks, Chris

Dang, that's unfortunate

Sorry to hear you can't use the C&M palette with 64-bit Win XP. I must admit, I have 32-bit XP and it didn't even occur to me to test. The good news is that the book doesn't hinge on your having the C&M palette up and running. I created it after the main body of the book was written, so with the exception of the Preface, the text does not specifically reference it. That said, your pain is my pain. Here's hoping Adobe gets on it. They have the usual market incentives to do so. And I know from personal experience that product manager John Nack champions both emerging and proven technologies to the best f his ability. (I hope you're okay that I modified your comment headline to better reflect the problem.)

Can't help

Chris- I'm sorry, but I haven't had any issues. I'm running CS4 on Windows XP (not 64-bit) and the Channels+Masks pallette has worked fine for me. -Jeremy

Channels+Masks Palette

Hi! Thank you so much for this Palette!!! What a big gift ! I am actually following your videos at It is so well done and easy to understand even for a french girl like me. I'am there for at least one year :-). Thanks again, Huguette

Custome Channel & Mask Panel

Hi, I'm looking forward to being able to use this panel but I'm having trouble with installing it on my computer. I'm running Vista Ultimate (if that matters) followed the above directions and I just end up getting a file on my pc that won't open. I get prompted to search the web for the appropriate program to open the file and so I tried that and the web doesn't seem to have anything that recognizes the file. If you can please help, I'm excited about having this new tool.


pixelpunk, you are looking for the Adobe Extension Manager. It should have a shortcut in the Creative Suite start menu folder after installing CS4. You might run into the problem that you don't have the necessary permissions to install the custom panel, in that case try launching the extension manager with administrator rights by rightclicking its icon and choosing "run as administrator". fab

Thanks Fab

I did exactly what you said and it worked out great. Great big buckets of gratitude your way!

Hue & Saturation

I recently purchased CS4 and there is a disagreement between Deke's tutorial and Adobe's tutorial on hue and saturation control. Deke's tutorial claims that one can check the 'Colorize' box and then click on the 'drag directly into image control' icon in the upper left corner to adjust the hue and/or saturation in the photo. This was also demonstrated in Deke's video. However, CS4 disable the 'drag directly into image control' icon when the 'Colorize' box is check. When moving the pointer to this icon when the 'Colorize' box checked, the pointer change to a diasable icon, a circle with a line throught it. Without the 'Colorize' box checked, I can use the 'drag directly into image control' as Adobe's tutorial instructed. Was Deke's tutorial for a beta version? I recently purchased CS4? Or do I have a bug? I have a Mac 10.4.11 and CS4 Extended. Frank

Colorize dims the target adjustment tool

So, no, the behavior you're experiencing is exactly as it ought to be. Can you direct me to my video in which you think I say otherwise? All the videos I can say are technically correct, but I want to make sure I'm not putting any misinformation out there. Thx!

Hue & Saturation

The following is from CS4 on-line help file, in which it has your written tutorial that replicated the video. The tutorial is titled 'Making Adjustments', dated 15 Oct 2008. USING HUE/SATURATION To change the color of an object, you add a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer. 1. Choose Hue/Saturation from the Color Adjustments menu. 2. Select Colorize to color the entire image. By default, the image is tinted red. To change the color and saturation, you can use the Hue and Saturation sliders or the onscreen selector. 3. Click the Toggle Onscreen Selector button in the upper-left corner of the Hue/Saturation panel. 4. Drag to the right inside the image to increase the saturation. 5. Drag to the left inside the image to decrease the saturation. 6. To change the Hue, Ctrl+click (Windows) or Command+click (Mac OS) the image. 7. Select the Toggle Onscreen Selector button in the upper-left corner of the Hue/Saturation panel. 8. To advance to the right in the color spectrum, drag to the right inside the image. To move to the left in the spectrum, drag to the left. I did exactly what was stated above, but once Colorize is selected in step 2, it disables the Toggle Onscreen Selector. In fact, every thing else is disabled in the Adjustment panel, except for the Saturation, Hue and Lightness slide bars. I can replicate your steps 1 through 2. After that I use the sliders. Thanks for the quick response, I enjoy watching your videos. For a first time user, your videos got me navigating around Photoshop in a short time.

This isn't mine

I'm confused, I didn't write this. For example, there is no Color Adjustments menu. And I don't call it the Toggle Onscreen Selector button (it's the target adjustment tool). And you're right, the whole damn thing doesn't work as written -- several problems, in fact. Do you have a URL for this? I'm eager to see how I'm connected to it. Thx for your meticulous documentation. (And your kind comments.)

Hue and Saturation

Deke, The above instruction for Hue and Saturation is in the following URL, in which I was directed to from CS4 help. Write 'Hue and Saturation' in the search box, and it will direct you to a list of help topics on this subject matter. The second help topic 'Adobe - Photoshop CS4 tutorial : Making adjustments' is the one I'm referring to with this URL. Frank

Why is it so HUGE?

Does anybody know why it is that when I open a 12 MB NEF file in PS it is 35 MB!? Before I've made any edits the document is already 35 MB. I am in 8-bit mode. Is this normal? Why doesn't a 12 MB file in Bridge open as 12 MB in PS? DP