Working with Cross-References in InDesign

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OFF Topic Indesign Question

Deke, The info provided in this tutorial proves you are a hard core Indesign guy. So I have a questions for you that has challenged to me. I've been working with the export to SWF option in Indesign for a few weeks so I've got a good idea of the settings etc. What I can't figure out is when I create an external URL link as a button my Indesign created SWF insists on opening a new page instead of targeting the current browser window. So I'm thinking there is a secret sauce code I could add to the front of my button URL in Indesign that would tell Indesign that this URL link should be directed to "self" instead of a new browser window. Any thoughts or secret sauce knowledge? Roger Head Camp Counselor Camp Photoshop

Wow Wee!

Thanks for this tutorial Deke! I'm just going through your InDesign One-On-One DVD for style sheets along with Dave Blatner's InDesign Essentials. I'm an Illustrator wiener and InDesign is new to me so it's nice when I get the time to watch your tutorials. They take the mystery out of it and get right down to the bare bones of what you need to know. I'm getting ready to update an Illustration Guide that hasn't been updated since 1982. Needless to say it's long overdue. Just a few things have changed since then. ;)

thank you

i'm learning new things because of you and using them. Cross referance formats was one of them and i got it. Thanks for sharing. Regards, iddaa

CS4 One-on One Book

I am 70 years old with I thought good eye sight but I have trouble recognizing the icon symbols with some of the short cuts. Next time can you make them larger for use older folks. Also, I am look at page 48, Video Lesson 2: Text and Frames "purple" box. The color scheme again makes the icons also unreadable for these eyes. Help Don (intrepid09)

Much appreciated...

Thanks very much for taking the mystery out of cross reference formats. The know-how you imparted will really add muscle to my use of the feature.

Quite welcome

If you've got other InDesign questions, send 'em this way (or even to the Deke Lounge)!

Martini hour

this is essential for everyone.. please never forget thursdays

Thanks, David.

It's your hard-earned knowledge, Deke and I just ask you to make it easy for us after you've figured it out. Then we whine while we exploit your ability to figure out how to put new tools to practical use. Seriously, everyone should have this kind of guidance, and it's extremely cool of you to share it will all of dekeWorld. Oh, and we all know who doesn't have a life on Friday nights. ;-) It's because we're recovering from Martini Hour on Thursday, of course.