Martini Hour 026, In Which Deke Proves He Really Does Have an Hour’s Worth

If you stopped by the dekeLounge for last week’s Martini Hour, you may recall that I unleashed the monster that is Deke talking about resolution . . . on caffeine! And this week, that monster stops by and actually quizzes me on what I learned. Is that really fair? I mean we are drinking martinis!

Martini Hour minivan prototype made with the help of photographer icholakov from

But whining aside, this week we put the theoretical information on resolution that Deke imparted last week to practical use.

Our practical, if imaginary, project is an image for the side of the theoretical dekeLounge minivan, and Deke walks me through how we would go about creating the proper resolution for such a large image. It’s actually fairly awesome stuff, especially if last week had your head spinning from more than just your requisite cocktail.

And if Deke’s advice doesn’t get your image sized just right for your minivan, check out the object of this week’s toast, Genuine Fractals, from our friends at onOne Software, which can help you professionally resize your images using the kinds of algorithms that Deke discusses in the show.

Where else can you experience a discussion on image resolution with your shoes off and cocktail in hand? Here’s the regular-quality (192kbps) audio file. You can stream, or for best results, right-click and choose Download or Save.

For you geek-loving audiophiles out there, here’s the high-quality (320kbps) file. Definitely download this one (as opposed to streaming it).

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Got a resolution example that has you vexed that you’d like Deke to throw his considerable brain at? Call 1-888-dekepod. (That’s 1-888-335-3763.) Practice, be charming, and ask us something really intriguing. Or just ask a damn fine question with great earnestness.

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  • Sorry, I apparently had comments turned off for this one

    All that late night, martini-infused posting is bound to have an adverse effect at some point.

  • I noticed comments were

    I noticed comments were turned off.  I agree to many martini’s will make you do crazy things.

  • Agreed!

    >>All that late night, martini-infused posting is bound to have an adverse effect at some point

    Hi Colleen,

    Agree with you on that. It is just crazy raspberry

  • Where I went wrong

    Martini and caffeine. Well, there’s my problem. I knew it started with an “M”. And after a couple Margaritas, well ... like the title says, “where I went wrong”

  • Nice

    very well done

  • seeking some help from Deke

    I have just spent several hours on reviewing a tutorial by Deke on Photoshop Elements 5.  I was in the process of reorganizing my photo files, which include about 10,000 images that are all tagged on PSE5 and (I don’t really know how) about 5000 images got deleted, even from the “trash bin.”  I used a “rescue program” to recover these files, but they came back to my hard drive in a single folder (“recovered photos”) and now my PSE5 when I bring up my PSE5 catalog, those images which were deleted are no longer “connected” to any files and the photos that were recovered and imported into PSE5 are connected only to the “recoved photos” file.  Is there any way to correct this situation and reestablish my PSE5 catalog. 
    The last time I did a PSE5 backup was about 2 months ago; therefore there are about 1500 images which were not backed up.
    I know this is not a comment, but I was hoping some you might have some suggestions.

    Many Thanks, MJS

  • Quick, gimme some booze!

    Maybe with some caffeine in it. I have a lot of catching up to do!

    I trust everyone is well?


  • The site is going positively corporate

    Without you, Petra.

    We need you to grab a champagne glass off the wine steward’s tray and toss it into the fireplace.

  • The downside of an automated cataloging program

    Is that it saves its cache to one or more centralized files, known ultimately only to the program itself. Once corrupted—perhaps as little as a few bytes of a single support file—the cache is generally gone for good.

    I no longer have PSE5 installed on any of my machines (I recorded that series 3 years ago), but I dimly recall that the Organizer stored the corrected image—flat or layered—to an independent, but linked, file.

    Without an up-to-date cache, your last 2 months of links are toast. But you managed to recover the original photos. (Good on ya for that!) And in doing so, you should have recovered the corrected images as well.

    Have you found any evidence of the latter’s whereabouts?

  • Cheese and Crackers

    Fuck that noise! (Oops, am I allowed to say that on television?) Pass me the bottle, handsome, and let’s dance. :D

  • Ooh, nearly forgot…must be the champers going to my head…

    I have a proper question. My dark haired teen wants to know what she’d look like with blonde hair. Dunno why, ‘cos her purple do is so fab. But kids these days. So tame.

    Anyway, I have no trouble turning light hair dark, but I completely blow it when trying to turn dark hair light. So, without the use of harsh chemicals, what do you suggest I do?

    Also….would you mind just walking over there for a moment? Yeah, that way…away from me….

    Mmmmm. It’s good to be in touch with one’s inner dirty ol’ woman, doncha think? Deeeeelightful!


    Edited to add, ‘cos I know you like them:

  • TipSquirrel


    So with regard to resolution, whats going on with Content Aware Scaling? How far can you push it until you have a beautiful part and a blurry blocky part of an image?

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    Hai Colleen!

          I agree your informations. It is a nice blog. Thanks!



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    Really very nice topic. Thanks for sharing.


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