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Deke's Techniques 002: Branding Type on a Texture

The second Deke's Techniques is all about branding type onto a textured surface. In the video, Deke brands some type onto a rock wall. But you can do this with any texture. Like leather, parchment, or human flesh.


Deke's Techniques 001: Creating Ice Type in Photoshop

Deke's Techniques gets your new year off to a cool start with this quick and clever recipe for creating icy type. It has icicles, it has sculpted edges, it has the wind at your back. Plus, your type remains editable. Enjoy.


Spirograph on Steroids

Creativity is an exercise in thought and energy, not manual dexterity. Learn how to puzzle your way through a piece of dynamic "op art" based on nothing more than half an ellipse and Adobe Illustrator.

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