101 Photoshop Tips: Transcribed!

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Great Tips

Fantastic tips - these will save me a lot of time. I'm still a newbie to Photoshop, and these tips are brilliant.

well defined explanation,

well defined explanation, especially thru video. By the way, how to make slight spot adjustments in just the dark areas of an image?

thanks man, your information

thanks man, your information is useful for me...

Very useful tips

Very useful tips, thanks for providing those tips that too in a good sequential manner. I would say that this is a one stop tutor for adobe Photoshop. Just amazed by the keyboard short cuts available in Photoshop.

Amazing stuff

Amazing stuff. Thanks for the free tips provided. I planned to invest money on learning those stuff, but read this article at right time. This article would be useful for both beginners and experts. Readers pls make the most of this article.

I've just started working

I've just started working with photoshop and these are the best tips i've found today. "Must read" type. It was fun and entertaining too.

101 Tips

101 photoshop tips are really amazing. I am not sure, if I would be able to complete in 5 minutes. But, definitely, I would try. All shortcuts, would definitely help professionals who work with photoshop. These tips were also, entertaining for new learners. Cheers..

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Channels & Masks palette for CS4

I just installed the Channels & Masks palette on my iMac (v. 10.5.6) per the instructions in Channels & Masks book. However, all I get is a blank panel and a spinning beachball. I have uninstalled the extension but wonder if there is another avenue to installation as I really like the palette. Thanks for a exceptionally well-written book.

really very good tips ,

really very good tips , greatly helpful.


Great job. Keep it up


This may be suitable for framing... well maybe not... now laminating... hmmmm //Dan// My toys! My toys! I can't do this job without my toys!


Really informative post. Thanks for sharing.

I will keep coming back for more!

These type of resources save you so much time and are so practical that I feel like buying the writer a drink!

wow really cool tips . i

wow really cool tips . i was not knowing many of the above mentioned tips it will be greatly beneficial for my work thanks a lot . Zermatt hotels || Calorie counting

sigh.....the man still rules, A#1

Deke, You had me at "Yes, you're welcome..." In the poll, could there be an option of "use the clone tool on himself (obviously in the privacy of his own LAB color adjusted home) and do more of all of them? In the words of Smash Mouth... "I can't get enough of you baby" Love ya as always! Penny

no apple key on the mac

at least not on the new ones... breathe

Print Tips?

Great instructional and fun video. Any chance those 106 tips can be put in a printable format so we can all take advantage of the few (many?) we don't already have memorized?


WOW! That's a lot of tips in no time flat. Loved it. Just don't give up your day job. ;) -Derek =)D: ______________________________ I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. -Douglas Adams

WOW, great job!

Great job, this made me laugh at work, who cares if my boss should walk by and ask what the heck I'm doing, I'm saving time by learning new shortcuts is what I'll say. in other news, I might not have a job, do you have any openings? :-D Again, great job! www.DanFrancisPhotography.com

101 tips

Thanks, love the vid, very useful!

A True Inspiration!!!

Deke you are a legend! Great to be able to let you know at last.


Great tips! Thank you!


Whew You've still got it! artjobb

101 photoshop tips

Hilarious, cool, and informational all at the same time. Amazing.

wow, hey great to see you're

wow, hey great to see you're coming up with interesting ways to help out us photoshoppers. instead of blah blah you really did it in such a unique & creative way. keith www.thephotoshopguy.net

Deke, the King of fun

Again, I'm amazed at how entertaining and fun Deke is to watch. He's so cool. Even his emergence into the music video / instructional video / entertainment world is as creative as all the rest of his videos. Great going Deke. I've kept your first two dekePod videos for over two years hoping for another. You've come through at last. Consider me your very first and most dedicated groupie/fan.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Great Job and so much fun to boot. The transcript is the jewel, Thank you!

Great job...

Some cool tips thanks for making the video Tosa