Podcast on “Handy Bridge” at The Digital Story

Derrick Story over at The Digital Story has a fun podcast on handy ways you might not be using Bridge. Here’s the description from Derrick’s show notes:

Adobe Bridge may be on your hard drive right now. And it’s likely that you’re not tapping its tremendous power. Bridge has the ability to help you quickly sort through a batch of pictures, review their metadata, add metadata, tap into ACR for image corrections, and more. This isn’t necessarily a replacement for your current workflow, but a terrific tool for finding and turning around pictures in a hurry. Then, when you have time, you can go back and bring them into your normal system.

You can download (and subscribe) to Derrick’s weekly podcasts on iTunes, or click here to go to his entire list. The Bridge show is number 130, but the other 129 (and counting) are great, too.

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