Channels & Masks Video Lesson 3: "Selections, Floaters, and Layers"

Hey, Kids. I'm hiding in my room after my fifth day of Macworld festivities (and by festivities, I mean business meetings, talking to book lovers in the booth, and supporting my beloved authors). My boots are kicked off. I'm looking for a cocktail. And I'm noticing that the hotel internet is back online, so I'm going to take the opportunity to post another video for you.

This is from Lesson 3 of Photoshop Channels and Masks One-on-one, which by the way is here at the show and not only looks amazing but smells good (if you like fresh ink!). Tired as I am, (and I still have the O'Reilly experts appearance at Macworld in a mere 50 minutes), I'm gonna steal Deke's description from the book for you rather than try to write my own:

People often mistake simple tools for simplistic results. But in the hands of a capable and informed artist, Photoshop’s relatively mundane selection tools can produce out-of-this-world results. To prove my point, I walk you through the creation of a fast but furious composition, created using nothing more than three images, a couple of color adjustments, and the two marquee tools, rectangular and elliptical.



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