Proclaim Your Love, Win a T-Shirt

Greetings from Macworld Expo in grey San Francisco. But on a sunny note, Miss Suzanne, our esteemed and charming Marketing director just mentioned that anybody who comes to the O’Reilly booth, proclaims “I love dekePod,” informs her (or any of the other O’Reillians) why they love dekePod, will recieve a free dekePod tshirt. I’ll be working the booth tomorrow (Wednesday) so said recipient could even be me, which would in turn make you the recipient of this:

As Deke would say, “Do it!”

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  • How do I

    get my hands on the shirt?  Colleen- I can’t make it by the expo this week, but would still like to evangelize for dekePod.  Thanks

  • Yes, You’re Welcome

    Sorry, I’m a bit slow. Just realized this is a reference to the Dekepod where Deke mentions “the man” telling him to lose the attitude and a brief shot of a jackass…. errr, donkey. Then the Deke fearlessly affirming he will never give in to “the man” described as “jerk!”

    Too funny! Good social commentary there. Thnx very much 4 the laffs!

    Keep stickin it to the jerks!


    Thomas Benner

    The Art Institute of Austin

  • ai

    please i wont to know which one should i go for i mean illustrator and coreldraw .
    since you are an expert in this field.

    please help?

  • Illustrator

    I like CorelDraw, but Illustrator is definitely more “of the moment.”

    Plus, I provide lots of training on Illustrator.

    Note that I say this as the guy who wrote CorelDraw for Dummies, the million-selling guide to CorelDraw translated into 20 languages. CorelDraw has been very good to me. But that was in the 1990s. Nowadays, the industry has come to favor Illustrator and, not without reason, so have I.

  • Me wanna DEKE Shirt

    I must have a deke shirt. I almost got the haircut. The hairdresser said it would not suit me as I am not cool enough… Point taken…. But the shirt… It is so DEKE!!!!!

    Must have shirt… must have shirt… must have shirt…

  • Me, too

    Merch! Visa!


  • \”\”\”\”\“know deke’s photoshop

    “”“”“know deke’s photoshop know life… deke’s photoshop no life”“”“”“””’’

    a small quote by me

    i wanna dat t shirt

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