Contest Deadline Fast Approaches

I know you all are feeling mellow and groovy after that Droplet Song. I don't blame you one bit . . . listening to the poncho-sporting pied piper of Photoshop for a mere five minutes and change is equivalent to a three-hour massage followed by a soak in a hot tub with a three-olive martini.

But don't let this lead you to miss out on fabulous prizes. The contest deadline for the Martini Hour mashup is tomorrow at cocktail hour (which I argued is early evening but Deke is declaring to be midnight because he's apparently taking this "nice Deke" thing seriously for at least for another day or two). To entice you last-minute lazy larrys, let me tell you a little something about the fabulous Grand Prize:

  • A One-on-One book of your choice (!)
  • A free full-month subscription to (!)
  • My fabulous mardi-gras style necklace from a martini-themed event at PMA
  • A dekePod t-shirt (collector's item!)
  • Love and admiration
  • And possibly some other stuff depending on whether you live in a place I can ship foodstuffs to

So seriously people, as Deke would say, "DO IT."


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Deke and I still arm wrastling over our faves

And it's taking a bit because we've both gone back to our separate geographical locations after meeting in the lounge this week. (That's why I drew our arms so long in my "visualization" this week. We'll announce the winner by next Martini Hour (and feature in the post that goes with it.)

Sump'n tells me...

....Deke wasn't joking when he said Col is working on androids to replace judges. Which begs a question: how can an android replace a judge? 'Cause an "and" on 'roids is just a bigger, meaner and. Doesn't mean it's a better and. Unless of course the size of nuts is considered an improvement (can I say that here?) Allow me to illustrate: & on 'roids From the graph above, we can clearly see the size of the aforementioned nut has diminished giving way to an ever-increasing and. If we let this go on, next thing you know we'll have little nuts all over the place! And what kind of a world would that be? Not the kind I would raise my children in. If I had any. Which I don't. Which is not due to diminished nuts, I might add. If I had any. Which I don't. Diminished, that is. See, I wouldn't trust such an and to judge my work. Nay I say! Simply because it sounds better than no. Instead I vote for real people. And a shampoo with less estrogen. -flyboy __________________________________________________ Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Oh, hey flyboy

I have to have a small operation next Monday, so I'll get in touch after that to set up the Skype/desktop access thing. I'm a bit too distracted at the moment, but I'll be back on track soon enough. :-)

I'm with iVan

on that thought. I hope all goes well with the surgery Petra!

I'll catch up with you then

In the meantime all the best with the surgery. Make sure they use a nice clean slice tool: Slice tool -iVan __________________________________________________ Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Thanks, you guys.

Ur a coupl'a sweeties. :)

I offer a quick limerick instead...

'Cos my disconcerted imaging efforts would've embarrassed us all. :-o There once was a man named Deke And Colleen as his sidekick With Sapphire Blue Some Vermouth too Martinis' make swell talk tech tweak! Ok, you can all groan now. :-p

I do do it!

Now that just didn't come out right; come to think of it,that didn't either... I'm itching to see what the pros bring, should be awsome!