Martini Hour 006, In Which Deke Refuses to Be a Corporate Shill

Despite my having a great week at SXSW, you know nothing is as relaxingly interactive as our weekly visit to the dekeLounge for Martini Hour. This week Deke has chosen the True Blue version of our logo in acknowledgment of the fact our rotation is finally back to his favorite cocktail, the classic Bombay Sapphire martini with the jumbo olives (a must) with a fluffy pimento inside. Yum.

We have member visualizations that we’re itchin’ to run, but we’re presently waiting for the final entries in our contest with all its glorious prizes, which ends March 2 at cocktail hour. Meanwhile, here’s what’s going on in the lounge this week:

He Said She Said

Deke and I disagree about whether we should stick to Adobe nomenclature when referring to features and tools. I figure we should call them what Adobe calls them, since that will give us a consistent naming system that everyone can depend on. Deke calls that dangerous. Dangerous? He might not prove his dangerous point, but this time he actually might have some ground to stand on.

Photoshop Secret Handshake

Camera Raw makes white balance so easy with its handy little eyedropper, so why does Photoshop make it so not obvious? Deke reveals how to fix white balance in Photoshop where there is no tool that’s actually called “white balance.”

Toast of the Week

To Dan Brodnitz and Suzanne Caballero without whom dekePod would not exist.

Interested? How can you resist. Here’s the regular-quality (192kbps) audio file. For best results, right-click and choose Download or Save. 

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  • Thank you


    Just wanted to say thanks for all the podcasts, I have been enjoying them all!!!

  • Our pleasure!

    Thanks, Kevin.

  • Gray Point Eyedropper in Levels

    Cool podcast.

    Your conversation about the gray point eyedropper in levels reminded me of a comment someone once made to me about how they use the black and white eyedroppers to make significant color changes to black and white images:


    -Open the B/W image in Photoshop

    -Add a Levels Adjustment Layer above it.
    -In the Levels dialog, double-click on the black eyedropper
    (a color picker will appear)
    -Pick the color you want for the Black Point
    -Click OK to close the picker
    -Repeat with the White Point eyedropper
    -Now click once on the black eyedropper
    -Click on a black pixel in the image

    -Repeat with the white eyedropper

    It’s a little faster, but more importantly, the color choice is editable in the Levels Adjustment Layer. You can also stack adjustment layers and use blend modes for more complex effects.

    (P.S.—I use the colored Black/White points all the time for color-matching photo composites. Try it!)


  • Audio levels on the podcast

    I am very happy to find the new podcast. As always, I always learn something from your videos, podcasts, or blog.
    One thing, I really think your levels on the podcast are too low. Just run the wav or aif file thru Levelator before you compress and publish and the levels will be perfect.
    Please email me if you’d like some help with the post on the audio.
    Thank you again for the podcast.

    Tim (Surfbits)

  • Really?

    Wow, I’m deaf in one ear, and it sounds just right to me.  Must be that kick ass ear bud my son gave me grin

    Warning ~ Driving under the influence of Martini Hour may be hazardous to the property of others.  Please listen responsibly!

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