Austin, Clearly a Martini Friendly Town

For those of you who have been following my incessant logistical twittering from the past few days, it comes as no surprise that I’m in Austin enjoying the “Spring Break for Geeks” known as SXSW Interactive. It’s my frist trip here, and I’ve found both Austin and SXSW to be martini-friendly as you can see:

I’ve actually been exposed to fairly cool stuff and very cool people here. Lots of ideas in the air, so I needed something substantive. Thus, right this minute, I’m actually sitting in an Adobe Tips and Tricks session where Adobe Creative Solutions Evangelist Greg Rewis just told everyone to “Wake the Hell Up.” This sort of imperative is necessary for audiences on their third day of sessions and second day of hangovers. First key message from Greg: I do work for Adobe and we do like you to buy our software. His talk was a whirlwind set of tips from CS4, so understandably hard to “go deep” on 13 applications in one hour. I will say it’s cool all the love (much deserved in my opinion) Bridge is now getting. Feels like everyday I’m using it to get the simple but necessary stuff done, like picking the best of my martini sign shots from this morning’s walk and getting it quickly processed to share with y’all here. (Did you hear the Texan accent I’ve picked up here?)

Next stop, a session on community management. I know, this wonderful community does a damn fine job of being awesome all on their own, but I have to make sure Deke-boy and I are living up to the high standards y’all have set. (There it goes again.)

Oh, and speaking of martinis, don’t forget the great martini mashup contest. You still have until martini hour (say…5pm Pacific Time) to get your entries in. Deke and I will meet in the lounge and pick the one that best reflects the Martini Hour groove we’re in.

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  • Colleen… Hope to Find You

    Hi Colleen,

    I’m writing this from the “Connection Center” booth outside the Exhibit Hall upstairs. Just wanted to let you know I was keeping an eye out to meet you and thank you for the books. An’ Ahm mighty glad ya’all are lernin’ to tawk right, Ma’am. :•) “Yea Buddy!” and “I heard that!” will work in almost any conversation here as well.

    I was shocked to find out O’Reilly didn’t do a booth this year… so finding you isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I’m at the Expo area visiting “book” booths. I couldn’t direct messsage you thru a Tweet so I’m postin’ here.



    Thomas Benner

    The Art Institute of Austin

  • Synchronicity?

    Is it a chance that of all people you’d end up in a martini bar named SPILL?

    At least it wasn’t beer.



    Happy, happy, joy, joy!

  • raw process

    Sorry to be the boring straight question, but can Deke finally shed some light on the difference between Bridge and Camera Raw for raw processing and Lightroom?  Or Aperture,Capture One…?  My camera shoots it’s raw file as a DNG.  In Lightroom it asks if you want to export as DNG, or other formats.  If I move from Lightroom to” edit in CS4 photoshop “and then back to Lightroom, the file has to become a Tiff or Psd.  I get that, but then when and where and why would I need to export as a DNG?  I really don’t get how these image files are stored and referenced.  The compatability doesn’t work between PS and Lightroom once a file is edited with compositing or masking and effects, it looks different in PS than it does in Lightroom.  This database thing is messing me up.  Please give some guidance and clarity as only you can do..!

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