Creating a Photo-Realistic Line Drawing, Part 1

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So much like the old day quality.

Deke I have been looking for years for a process that made a high contrast image close in quality to the ones I made for 20 years in the darkroom with ortho-litho film.

This technique seems to be very close to the ortho-litho film technique and just about as time consuming. LOL.

Thanks for the tutorial!

Jim Crabtree

It’s a high-quality

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thanks for the tips. It was worth signing up :)




Creating a Photo-Realistic Line Drawing

Hi Deke,
Thanks for all the sterling work you have done!

Can you please tell me if you did video for this on Lynda. com, and where I can find it. I am a subscriber to Lynda,
Thanking you in anticipation,
Best wishes

I don't think I have

But I will! And in the meantime, it's part of my Adobe Photoshop CS5 One-on-One book.

creating a photo-realistc line drawing

great tutorial, where can i buy this tutorial. Thank you, al1936

I'll probably make it part

Of my Blend Mode series, which I'll record for in September.

where is Creating a Photo-Realistic Line Drawing, Part 2

Thankyou for the part-1. But when i click on part-2 link "page not found "message appears. How do i complete the tutorial?

I fixed the link

Above, or you can click this link for Photo-Realistic Line Art, Part 2.

Looking for a Video

Deke (and various Sidekicks, collaborators, conspirators, whomever) Three nights ago I was in the middle of watching one of your many excellent videos then, I was called into another room because a medical emergency. I can not relocate this video; the model resembles Liv Tyler and there were white orchids by her face. Deke had previously spent considerable time outlining with the Paintbrush and continued by demonstrating the new Rotate Tool explaining that it is particularly handy for lefthanded artists. I believe there were also masking/blending demonstrations as well. If you have a spare moment and you're not scratching yor butts (a reference to deke's comment on heavy work load at the end of the CS4 Chanennels and Masks project), please guide me this very interesting video. Oh, ... don't forget to wash your hands! Eric

I am constantly being amazed

I am constantly being amazed and energized by something new learned!

Thanks for your lovely work!

Thanks for your lovely work!