Creating a Photo-Realistic Line Drawing, Part 2

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In my case, I double-clicked

In my case, I double-clicked to the right of the Thin Lines layer and dragged the two halves of the white slider triangle so the right-hand values read 225 / 255.

using GIMP

Thanks for this - it's great!
Is there any equivalent in GIMP for the "underlying layers" sliders used in steps 11 and 13?
Would be really helpful to know :-)

Underlying layers in GIMP

I think I can speak for both Deke and I that we have no earthly idea. But our friend, Justin Seeley has a course on GIMP at and it looks like there is a substantial chapter on layers:

; the right lines are

; the right lines are thicker than the left. To define the tiles as patterns, choose Edit > Define Pattern for each image. I named the left-hand pattern Thin Lines and the other Thick Lines. Ungagged

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Great tutorial

Thanx Deke for an awesome tutorial!

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Thx Deke! are the Guru's of photoshop....

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tried but

So I tried this out until way too late at night and I am hoping that the problem is that I only have PS Elements 7 (pc). Is this my problem? Is it possible to pull this off with only Elements 7?

At step 8 I was gone. There is no ability to double click to the right, at least not that I could get to work, and when I pull up "layers" on the top menu it gives no options such as the ones you are mentioning (underlying layer) - which seems to be a big deal in pulling this off.

I would be grateful if you would be willing to help. It's a very nice effect you have developed. Wish I could pull it off :)

Sadly, Step 8 precisely where this trick no longer works in Photoshop Elements. Elements lacks a Layer Style dialog box, and there's no way to achieve this effect without it. So you have to own the full version of Photoshop to work thru this project. That said, I have a Deke's Techniques (currently slated to go live in April) in which I demonstrate how to turn a photo into an ink drawing (as pictured in this post). That technique can be made to work in Elements, altho you'll have to jump thru a few hoops.

thank you

oh, sad. I am not one with that kind of money (to buy a full blown PS copy). And I will not use the pirated versions. So I suppose I am just out of avenues.

I read your post and was very hopeful because, as you stated, all the other effects I have been able to find have been cheesy, Photoshopy conglomerations. The depth of the cross hatch technique you developed is very effective and non-cheeseball. :)

The "ink drawing" that you mentioned "as pictured in this post" is a vastly different look right? From the picture posted there it looks more like a Sherlock-Holmes-end-credit-illustrator-deal, if you follow my allusion.

Back to the point, is this effect something that could be done effectively with The Gimp? Is it worth the effort for me to give it a try?

Thank you again for the timely response and for the answer - even if it is a painful answer i.e. spend a truckload of money :)

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I appreciate these type of instructions and guidelines for the beginner and sometimes it useful fr professionals as well.

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It was very well authored

It was very well authored and easy to understand. Unlike additional blogs I have read which are really not good. I also found your posts very interesting. In fact after reading, I had to go show it to my friend and he enjoyed it as well!

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I agree with you, it is easy lecture.




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So nice!

Great! That was wonderful deke.. This is a great tutorial.. I love it! I'm looking forward for more interesting posts.. I'm excited to try this!!

- Stephanie03
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Good Job, Thanks for

Good Job, Thanks for explaining this process step by step!

Excellent blog post!

I look forward to reading more.

This is so great!

I just downloaded illustrator and photoshop and am excited to try this! Crossing my fingers that it works : )

awesome stuff!

creating a photo-realistic line drawing

great I do etchings on granite, glass, marbel and I to see how this will work. Thank you, Alfred

Extremely helpful

As someone who used to do this by hand, I can appreciate just how much time this saved me!...Excellent results (feel a little bad for the WSJ illustrator though, this could definitely put him/her out of biz in a hurry). Thx very much.

Oh God!

Deke, maybe UR wondering why i reply now it's just because i'm a new user & I gotta Q 4U: Why don't include these fakes in dvd-videos... it's the most amazing thing that i have ever seen...

I came up with this technique

Specifically for a Total Training video podcast a few years back. I plan on adding it to the library at some point. Just need to figure out where it goes. Possibly my Blend Modes series, if and when I get to it.

Deke, this is groovy

How does this fair? Email me if you want to get the full size image.

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