LDC launches CS4U

For those of you who are looking for more than a brief dekePod intro to Photoshop CS4, I have more. Long term, way more. Short term, two movies. To find them, click here. It's all part of the new lynda.com CS4 University, which I have to say is great. (I mean, CS4U. That's so good!)

In a month or two, my piece will be a 16-movie series (including live action). We'd all love to publish the whole thing, right here right now. In fact, we were poised to do just that, but Adobe decided to prohibit us from sharing more than X% of any given series in advance of the ship date. It's a dopey policy--how does stopping us from grooving on CS4 mitigate the Adobe message (which is mostly mute)?--but the machinations of sanity and change churn slowly. So two movies is what you/we got.

I'll offer up both from YouTube in future posts. (Cuz I like you.)


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not yet

Yea even if they're still tinkering with it, might as well let your tut's rock & roll. keith www.thephotoshopguy.net

Looks like 50% are live now

Haven't had time to confirm. Hope to post some of the YouTube videos here. I'll let you know more when I carve out a spare minute.

So did they update the other 'old' stuff?

You mention in your training how you hate that there are a few filters left in old school mode without a preview - radial blur being one of them (I'm up to channels and masks yay!) - so I was wondering if that's been changed or updated at all. I keep hearing about this new fangled filters functionality but I can't seem to find anything useful out about it. So far though I'm mostly looking forward to Flash CS4. That thing looks good and juicy.

They haven't done squat

with the filters. Same old mish mash of goodness and awfulness.

Look what!

Well after complaining more then most of you would think possible, even from a whiner like me. I just found this. http://news.cnet.com/8301-13580_3-9909725-39.html It seems Apple is the rotten item in the 3 GB limit barrel.

kind adobe words

Yea just noticed that, "Although CS4 is not available yet..." Thought it was being sold already since its listed in the Adobe store & on the academic superstore website. Geesh 'dobe! They get their big splash roll out and keep the wraps on your tutorials. Gosh think they'd want to let you rock & roll to help 'em build up that 'I just gotta have it' momentum. keith www.thephotoshopguy.net

Alexandra Alexis?

I just watched your PSCS4 New Features Videos, well done Deke. How can i find the photographer from istock.com you mentioned in the the Tabbed Window video ... Alexandra Alexis, was it? - Mooie

Go to her landing page

www.istockphoto/aldra. And I believe you can email her from there. Colleen tells me I get squishy whenever I mention her name. I don't actually know Ms. Alexis, but I have a crush on her work.


you do get a little tremor in your voice when you say her name. Well at least the few dozen times I've heard you say it.

looking for AA

I'm guessing you could either do a google for AA or visit the iStock website to look up the photog/photos and/or contact iStock directly. keith www.thephotoshopguy.net

deke takes over lynda

Deke, You've got a bunch of new lessons posted over there. Including the traditional free teaser lesson + the one you posted here yesterday was both funny and helpful. Gosh whenever you can combine fun & helpful, its a gift to be able to teach like that. keith www.thephotoshopguy.net

Thanks for the kind words

But for now, whether you're a member or not, only two movies are available. I wish Adobe'd let up on this one -- seems to me, showing off more features just gets potential buyers that much more stoked -- but this is probably all we'll see until ship.

Yeah, why not, Adobe?

I fail to see the logic in not letting us see all of the goodies now that CS4 has been officially released. From a purely selfish standpoint: I want I want I want I want now now now now! From an Adobe marketing standpoint, it seems like giving us a peek at all of the tasty new features would only heighten interest in the product, no? Why you gotta tease us, Adobe, why? Ah well, whaddya gonna do, eh?


CS4 has not officially been released.. it's just officially been announced...

And english version should be available

by late October and french/spanish in December.