Back of My Head Gets Screen Debut in CS4 Launch Video

Hey, Dekapolitans! Just back from Adobe, a land of very nice and smart people by the way, where it’s entirely possible the back of my head was captured to be seen by millions watching the CS4 launch. Deke told me I shouldn’t retouch my own self portrait (just how do I get that nonchalant look like I don’t even know the camera’s there when I’m holding the dang thing right out in front of me?), so here is a completely un-altered photo of me in the audience.

And if, after the launch, you think the back of my head is special, check out the back of noted photographer and Photoshop Hall of Famer Jeff Schewe’s head. Yes folks, the Master Collection of CS4 has sprung straight out of the back of Schewe’s head. Amazing.

Just kidding. Only Adobe Camera Raw stuff springs out of Jeff’s head. Just excited about CS4. And just a little bit exhausted. Saw lots of cool stuff that you’ll be able to see for yourself during tomorrow’s launch. (Not to late to sign up—here.)

It’s weird, there is tons of cool stuff in CS4—this is a major upgrade—but my favorite things seem to be the little workflow conveniences: Multiple artboards in Illustrator. Smart guides that let you align and space on-the-fly in InDesign. Tabbed documents and OpenGL navigation features in Photoshop. (See Deke’s CS4 podcast for more there).

Maybe it’s because I’m working hands-on inside some Photoshop/InDesign projects, but these little treats mean more to me at the moment, exhausted as I am from laboring away on my small bit of Photoshop Channels & Masks CS4 One-on-One. (AH, the TRUTH CAN BE TOLD!)

That explains my glassy eye too. No sleep. Living off espresso and the hors d’ourves they served at the launch reception.

They didn’t give an exact date for the release today: Q4 for US markets and Q1 worldwide. But this much is sure: Much much more CS4 goodness coming your way in the coming months!

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  • Plus, this Photoshop Tip discovery…

    Shot of theatrical lighting head-on over your shoulder + Neon Glow filter = Instant bullet hole effect

  • Launch broadcast

    I doubt if I saw the back of your head!!  The launch broadcast stopped cold just as it got to the Photoshop discussion.  Bummer

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