Who Wants Some All-Natural Hand Turkey?

Thursday is normally Martini Hour day. Except the fourth Thursday in November. That's when Colleen and I trade duties celebrating this glad time of year with our very own hand turkeys. And this year, we collaborated! Colleen provided the hand and I made the decorations. Who says I only know Photoshop? What I really know is hand turkeys!

Hand turkey 2010

And I only added one thing in Photoshop. (Can you spot it?)

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a show of hands

Great tutorial! Let's give it a hand!

i live your idea

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gd night ^_^

hi all,
thanks thanks.

nice post...

What a creativity? Great

What a creativity? Great design...

I'm glad it is Photoshop

Otherwise I would say that the text would have been quite painful to apply!


Happy Thanks giving Day. Nice written article.

Brand Hand

Wow! That brand on your hand must have hurt a lot! ;)

Just out of curiosity: why

Just out of curiosity: why the curly feather on the ring finger? Does it has some special meaning? Great job on the text!

The curly feather

Indicates a romance between this hand turkey and another, a thousand miles away. We may never know that turkey, and It may never know us. But we live in hope.

Or I might have drawn it randomly. As I recall dimly--that was days ago, after all--it seemed like the kind of swirlipoo that this particular feather needed. If only because it's beige.

Who Wants Some All-Natural Hand Turkey?

I do! So nicely rendered. Thanks!

Thanksgiving dishes done, turkey tattoo remains

All the dishes are done, but the sharpie-drawn turkey feet remain!

The Text!!

Simply it's Harder to Add Layer Effects Precisely by manual efforts!!
Happy Thanks Giving Boss!!

Black Seals ... White Reveals...!