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Sketching the Pirate Flag

In this exclusive preview of his upcoming Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Advanced video course, Deke shares six phases in the creation of an authentic five-by-three-foot pirate flag.


Photoshop CS5 Top 5: Puppet Warp

Photoshop is notorious for distorting reality. Which is ironic given its meager collection of distortion tools. Thanks to Puppet Warp, the folks who fret about us "Photoshopping" reality actually have something to fret about.


Photoshop CS5 Top 5: HDR Pro

High dynamic range lets you extract every last luminance variation from your digital photographs. CS5's HDR Pro lets you combine two or more bracketed photos into an image that resonates with detail and depth.


Photoshop Top 40, Feature #1: Open and Save

Virtually every Photoshop project starts with Open (how often do you choose New?) and ends with Save. And unlike other apps, Photoshop treats all image formats as native. Open and Save are the alpha and omega of imaging.


Photoshop Top 40, Feature #6: RGB, CMYK, and Lab

Photoshop more than supports many color spaces; it supports infinite variations on the device-dependent ones. You can open an RGB photo, process it in Lab, and output it to CMYK, with certainty that each conversion will work.