Creating a Photo-Realistic Line Drawing, Part 2

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Your article really kept my

Your article really kept my eyes wide open to continue reading it.
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Great post, I look forward

Great post, I look forward to reading more.
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Excellent news

Thanks for the comments. It's good to know that the technique articles are helpful.

as a novice who finds

as a novice who finds reading manuals and directions challenging, I can finally say that you are a fine teacher. this is so exciting!

Wonderful guide Deke! I've

Wonderful guide Deke! I've never been satisfied with the tutorials on how to make drawings in photoshop that are available on the internet. They never look convincing. The line shading is really the thing that makes this effect pop and stand out from the rest. Brilliant! If you keep posting tutorials of this quality I'll make sure to stop by on a regular basis. / Johan