Illustrator Transparency + Photoshop Resolve, Part 1

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Apple & Design Industry

Hello there, Deke! Been with you for 2 DVDs now, studying the Illustrator CS3 One-on-One series from Lynda, and after watching the Painting with Vectors chapter, you said you prefer to work on a Mac. That brings me to my question... You have been longer in the industry than anyone else that I might have access to, so why is Apple so featured in the design industry? I mean, are there any differences between the platforms that better suit Macs for creative professionals? Hope you can answer this one. Thanks!

I said I preferred the Mac, huh?

Probably because I record the videos on the PC (Camtasia rocks) and I was feeling nostalgic for the Mac. But if you had been privy to my 2-hour stint of constant restarting under Leopard the other night, you wouldn't have heard me singing the Mac's praises. In truth, I'm a bit of an equal-opportunity platform hater. Windows Vista feels like it was designed by a team of demented monkeys, whose idea of progress is to add translucent title bars that break if you don't have 16GB of RAM, while ignoring low-level problems that have plagued the OS since Ancient Primates Ruled the Earth. By contrast, the Mac is the product of an exclusive cult of space druids that could give a damn what you, the mere terrestrial user, think of their work. Here's the spice-laced Kool-Aid -- drink it and join the OS X be-in. Ever tried to make Open Spaces work reliably? I mean, *after* the spice wears off? That said, if I were pressed to come down on one side or the other, I guess I'd opt for the Mac. A space-alien operating system is slightly preferable to a simian one. And Apple's OS looks better. (Those kooky monkeys, their taste is all in their mouths.) Did that sound flip? I guess it was, but I swear, it's my honest opinion. This morning, anyway. As for which platform makes for the better Photoshop/Adobe app experience, it makes very little difference. InDesign currently has issues with Leopard (Adobe blames Apple, Apple ignores all negative input), but otherwise the OS issues rise and fall according to the same crazy moon. Oh, and the monkeys, being a bit less stuck up than the druids, charge less for their products. After they poop on them. (Ignore that last sentence. Just making myself laugh. I have no evidence that Microsoft poops on its products, however much Office 2007 may smell.)

And it's honesty that builds

And it's honesty that builds character. Also, how hard is it to be yourself? Surely, Thursdays must be hard for you, man... Edit: Gotta say I disagree on the Office 2007 part - it's the only version that I've actually USED until now. That ribbon is actually useful.

the 101 tips video I saw in

the 101 tips video I saw in photojojo is Amazing!!! so good! and so excellence made that I have to thank you (your team) for making such good creation!!! Felicitaciones desde Argentina!!!

Nice Graphics

Deke, Very cool. I wish I could do nice graphics. Not sure how you do it. Must be a different side of the brain. It's camera only for me. Can you believe it, my kids had to start out on black-and-white images from film. Hard to believe. I think I go back a little farther than you. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next videos. Have you thought about a singing career? Robert