MacVoices #894

It’s entirely possible that a few of you have had your fill of the “101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Minutes” piece and the navel-gazing that accompanies it at this site. (If it’s any consolation, Colleen and I are actually trying to balance things with a steady stream of content.) But if my manic performance somehow leaves you wanting more, you can listen to Chuck Joiner’s audio interview with me at It’s largely my personal behind-the-scenes story of the making of the video, which as you’ll learn, wreaked havoc on my thighs. (Colleen’s article documents the day and a half of live-action shooting, but quite a bit happened before that.)

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Of my run-at-the-mouth answers to Chuck’s occasional questions, all I can say is: 1) no, Chuck did not speed up my voice, 2) no, I was not on any artificial stimulants, and yet 3) somehow I managed to speak faster than Joey Levine on “Life Is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me),” only not as coherently. (I tried to come up with a more contemporary example, but all I could think of was Amanda Black’s cameo on “Bump,” and that’s so nasty. That’s how my mind works: it’s either bubblegum or Spank Rock.) If nothing else, I guess the interview demonstrates that I have a lot of energy, though perhaps it would be better spent running around a hamster cage.

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  • Great Interview

    Interesting stuff, definitely worth a listen I’d say!

    Thanks for posting a link Deke!