dekeQuiz #1: What is Deke Saying?

Welcome to dekeQuiz #1, your chance to win a couple of $50 books (2 x $50 = $100 in retail book money!) based on your decoding skills. About a minute into his latest video — right before launching into a ninja-like (© Adobe’s John Nack) transmission of 101 Photoshop Tips in Five Minutes — Deke pauses to gather his thoughts and recite a secret mantra. A frame from this mystical moment appears below.

Deke's mantra

Our question to you is: What is Deke saying in his meditative state? If you think you know, email us the answer at (Please don’t comment or you’ll spoil it; this is a top-secret ballot!) For more info, including a helpful hint . . .

To win, tell us both of the following:

  • What does Deke actually say, spelled phonetically since it’s not English?
  • What is the full English translation?

Hint: The secret message is six (6) words long.

That email again: The prize will be one copy each of the latest books from the best-selling dekePress One-on-One series: Adobe Photoshop CS3 One-on-One and Adobe InDesign CS3 One-on-One. Time’s up on this quiz when the next podcast hits the streets, presumably Wednesday, July 9. (Can’t wait to see what wacky hijinx Deke has in store! Oops, I forgot, I was there when he filmed it.) We’ll pick a winner at random from the correct answers.

Happy translating . . .

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