The Fake HDR Portrait Technique, Revealed

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Info palette

Hey Deke-
It's been a long time and I've read so much, watched so many vids etc, etc that I'm just gonna ask here.

Why the heck hasn't adobe realized the 'info' palette in Photoshop is one of the most fundamental palettes in color correction, web work and etc, etc...and stuck a small version up in all the extra space in the to the right of the "print size" button?

I have not (whispering....) upgraded to CS6 yet, but I'm guessing it's still an option to view and can't be moved.

HOWEVER... can it be moved or hacked somehow?


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If you look closely, you'll

If you look closely, you'll see a light halo rising up from Sammy's shirt. That's a function of combining a high Amount value writing (90 percent) with a low leather pea coat Radius value (30 pixels)in the Shadows area back in Step Five. Undesirable. However, had we done otherwise, we wouldn't have had a chance of brightening the eyes. I could mask this away, shoot an authentic of course. But here's my point: There are tradeoffs. Even so, it's better to go "fake HDR" than try to shoot an authentic multi-exposure HDR portrait, which skinny leather trousers would require locking down the model in some kind of Clockwork Orange-style body brace.

The Fake HDR Portrait Technique, Revealed

The Fake HDR Portrait Technique, Revealed is the best idea.


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Just doing my civil duty...

Just doing my civil duty... or something ... :P You're welcome.

i love this, thank you SO

i love this, thank you SO much!


I tried the technique, but could not do it :( Final result was no way near yours. Regards

Thanks for this

great tutorial.

Always wanted to know this tech.

This will really bring depth to the photo manipulation i do. Thanks for the great Tut.


Signed up to your blog after downloading your Dekepod on iTunes. You make learning Photoshop fun and easy. Luis Mexico City, México


It makes my photo to dark, can you help?

It's possible to use HDR

It's possible to use HDR Photoshop techniques to create fake HDR photographs ... Any photo can be used although a portrait photo will often look the best. no win no fee solicitors

Adobe Lightroom

You might be able to get some great color from Adobe Lightroom: here is a link and a quick tutorial how to bring out the color in some of your photos, and a trial version of Adobe Lightroom... : Hope this helps. (i donno if this goes against Deke's policy on comments, to upload a link to another website... So Deke if this violates anything please feel free to delete this post)

Thanks for the tutorial

Thanks for the tutorial link. I need a bit of help with my learning curve.

Fun, Fast, and a Little Bit Scary

Well, I tried it out, and this is a really cool technique. It's so memorable that the second photo I worked on, I didn't really need to reference the tutorial. I think my nephew already looked a bit like Dr. Horrible, but now he looks really cool (and I guess all kids faces are always dirty!). Before Dylan Laughing in His Goggles After Goggled Dylan HDR Portrait

Love it!

Finally, images of Dr. Horrible as a toddler. Really helps fill in the gaps.

This makes your son look

This makes your son look rather sick and veiny and.... well... like he has peach-skin? Ahem.... Very cool effect though.

as advertised

Thanks Deke, You're always pulling for us lab rats. Your fake hdr tutorial in its step by step, do this do that goodness. Congrats on your NPAT award. But beware of awards that are handed out near dimly lit janitorial closets. keith