Pathetic Attempt to Keep My Job Subsidized (or WWSD?)

Dear Beloved Inhabitants of the Ninth Circle of Deke,

I wanted to take a brief moment to shamelessly ask that if you are indeed going to buy CS4 and you’re going to do it from Amazon anyway, could you use one of the links in the charming CS4-go-round above to tell ‘em sent you? The links are to the Windows upgrades of everything, but if you follow any one of them and then choose what you really need once you get to Amazon, we still get credit for sending you. And, besides, we just do the PC thing because it’s more popular. Deke and I both use Macs. (Well, Deke’s a switch hitter, but I’m partial to the home team.)

It would just be your little way of saying you like what we’ve giving you here. In no way are we saying you should buy CS4 because we told you to, even though you know we think it’s cool. Because let’s face it, this is a significant purchase. And although rumor has it we’re in league with Satan (we’re actually not, He hasn’t returned our calls in weeks), we honestly have no desire to “dark lord” that relationship over you. Just sayin’, if you were planning to take the CS4 plunge anyway, we’d be honored (and we’d feel the love from Amazon) if you used our diving board.

Hell, forget CS4. Just follow the link and buy pair of earrings.

Maybe I should put out a tip jar.

Oh, and many thanks for making this a fun place to hang out and share ideas.

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