Assignment Beijing: Derrick Shares Some Olympic Moments

Sometimes, my job totally rules. I spent a chunk of time yesterday editing wonderful photos for a new Photoshop book by Derrick Story. (No worries, dekeFaithful, this one will be a terrific compliment to Deke’s work, a concentrated handbook focusing on the specific Photoshop needs of photographers.) Derrick just got back from assignment (for Apple) in Beijing, helping other photographers in the Main Press Center get their images of the events processed and posted. I’ve already watched Derrick overcome jetlag to regale more than one audience with the tales of his Olympic adventure. He graciously said we could show some of his photos and the stories behind them here, and I think you’ll enjoy this Friday treat.

(All photos in this post are copyright ©2008 Derrick Story. Click an image to see it at higher res. No reproducing please.)

Yeah, I told you Derrick knew a thing or two about shooting fireworks. This shot was captured during the opening ceremonies. Derrick was positioned right outside the Bird’s Nest with a fast 50mm f/1.4 lens. (By the way, Derrick has more photos and stories on his site, The Digital Story, so I’ve linked those up where appropriate.)

As the games got underway, local spirit was high out on the Olympic Commons. The interesting thing was, that people enjoyed having their picture taken. So total strangers were cooperative, and often even seemed honored. (For more great shots from this collection, check out this TDS post.)

The staff of the Main Press Center went through security at the hotel, then got on a bus that went straight into the Olympic village. As you’ve probably heard, wet weather has been an ongoing story of these games. After the early stabbing tragedy, security tightnened noticably, so having the straight shot into work was a real benefit.

At the press center, local volunteers helped keep things running smoothly. Most of the volunteers were college students who had an interest in photography. So not only were they helpful, they were witness to behind the scenes pro workflow processes.

Although they were “stuck” in their “city within a city” at the press center, they were able to catch some of the action in HD. This apparently became more interesting whenever China played, as in this case in their overtime loss to Spain during a basketball match. Derrick said you could hear the cheers (and moans) all through the press center

And Derrick did manage to escape to the beach volleyball venue, where he particularly enjoyed the high powered serves of this Greek player. After the American women won the gold, Derrick’s shots of them became hot items.

I heard lots of classic rock-and-roll in the background when I was watching beach volleyball on TV at home. Apparently, in person, there is visual entertainment to go with it.

And he also managed to get out onto the streets of Beijing and capture some of the local transportation culture. She does this with high heels on! (There’s more of Derrick’s wonderful street shooting at TDS. )

Thanks, Derrick for sharing your adventure with the dekeCommunity!

All photos copyright ©28 Derrick Story, just in case you forgot.

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  • Yowsa!

    These are some beautiful images. Finally, some skin on this site!

    (I considered the headline “Nice Volleybuns!” but I decided as host of this site I should set a good example.)

    Sincere props to Derrick for the share.

  • Nice, um… hair…

    Do I sense a new image for the hair silhouette tutorial?

    Mordy Golding

  • Nice, um… Curves…

    .... or perhaps a new image for a nice Curves adjustment in Lab mode tutorial?

    Thanks for letting us see all these great photos Derrick

    Thomas Benner

  • Assignment Beijing

    This sounds like an excellent assignment. I watched the opening ceremony from Sydney, Australia and the closing ceremony from San Francisco, California. Let’s not forget the technology and networking required to deliver such images.

  • Wow thanks for sharing some

    Wow thanks for sharing some of those amazing pictures.

  • i saw some volleyball and

    i saw some volleyball and have to say the eye candy was excellent.I would have liked to have gone but was in greece during the 2004 olympics.

  • I watched the opening

    I watched the opening ceremony from Sydney, Australia and the closing ceremony from San Francisco, California. Let’s not forget the technology and networking required to deliver such images.

  • I’m sure they had some

    I’m sure they had some pretty decent “eye candy” at the olympics too!

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  • Nice shots from Derrick

    Nice shots from Derrick Story!  Hmmm….I wonder which camera he used—was it the OM-D?  Do you know Colleen?