Be Part of the CS4 Announce

Hey kids,

Per CW’s post, we can tell you that Creative Suite 4 is on the horizon. But now it appears that there’s more we can share.

In the interest of aggregating (if not breaking) the story:

  • There are two ways to be the first to learn about CS4. One is to register with Adobe and be part of the September 23 debut.
  • Another is to visit us here at dekeOnline. I’ll have something to share with you on announce date. Its name will be dekePod. In fact, we’re set to film that very episode tomorrow at the Flying Moose Bros’ Ranch. I bought a new Ted Baker shirt especially for the occasion.
  • Photoshop CS3 saw a performance boost on Intel-based Macs. This time, the boost shifts to the PC. Photoshop CS4 will be 64-bit under Windows, but not on the Mac. According to a CNet post from Photoshop PM (and 1st-rate human being) John Nack, “We’re not going to ship 64-bit native for Mac with CS4. We respect Apple’s need to balance their resources and make decisions right for that platform. But it does have an impact on developers.”
  • Lest Mac folks feel too terribly left out, both Leopard and Win Vista will enjoy a variety of performance improvements in Photoshop CS4. While I dare not speak their names at this juncture, they are significant.

So there you go. What do I think? Is it a great update? Is it too soon? Too late? Too little? Too much?

Or quite possibly, in line with Goldilocks’ summary of Baby Bear’s strangely abandoned porridge, chair, and bed (the Creative Suite of Bear Furnishings): “Just right.”

On September 23, you’ll get a blast of Three Bears love (and real unmitigated Papa Bear opinion) from me. Stay tuned.

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  • Of course I’m curious about

    Of course I’m curious about the new version and the new features but I say it’s too soon after all ... everything changes so fast nowadays!? And it’s mostly related to having to spend a lot of additional money wink

  • CS4

    Ok I have to do the newbie thing…Long time admirer,and follower of the “deke” first time commenter….

    I admit,I’m more of a casual user of Photoshop,and illustrator (I hope to be more some day down the road). So I’m very curious to see what features I’m gonna have to have,to make me drop big bucks on CS4.I’m still discovering new stuff about CS3,and better ways of using it as an artist,and as a tool. So far it sounds more like a technical things being upgraded,but mark me down as one who is eager to see what’s new.

    Thanks for all your help Deke,and keep up the good work. Lil B.

  • dekky doo

    Deke, you’re Fantabulous, fantastical, i’ll go look for my ass i laughed it off when i saw your video of 101 tips in 5 min. love you Deke.


  • Goodnight cruel wonderfulness

    It’s easy to get swept up in the new stuff.

    My role is to serve as the mitigating agent, that guy who makes sure you don’t get swept up in something you shouldn’t.

    Your role is to gather as much info as you can between “CSX And Otherwise” versions so when I say “on your mark get set” you’re ready to go.

    Life offers few opportunities to go. Speaking from experience: Be ready for the good things when they’re ready for you.

    That said, CS4 is yours for the picking. Give us (CS) 4 more days from now and you’ll know the whole story. And you really will. An avalanche of info is coming at you. Like you would not believe. Silence the pets. Settle your interactions. Put your affairs in order. Life as you know it is about to end.

  • Outstanding!?

    Well I know I sure want to be on board for the launch! It’s imperative that I stay up with the program as it grows and not get caught again, outstanding in my field, holding my own, when the lights come on.

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