Bring It On: Team Deke-ster Spotted Answering Digital Photo Questions

You know if a guy’s got the Deke Seal of Approval, he knows a thing or two. Add to that a willingness to answer all the digital imaging questions that come his way and you have the intrepid Tim Grey. (Well, he apparently doesn’t answer any of the idiotic questions, but I think Tim told me that in confidence.) Tim’s collaborating with Deke on the upcoming Channels and Masks One-on-One book due later this year, but right now he has a new book coming out this week called Take Your Best Shot: Tim Grey Tackles Your Digital Darkroom Questions that he wrote all on his own. It’s a highly readable, informative compilation of the questions Tim has been diligently, fearlessly answering from readers of his DDQ column for several years.

For a taste of Tim’s question-answering skills check out this video on O’Reilly Digital Media. Tim sat down with O’Reilly Evangelist Derrick Story at the previous Photoshop World (April, Orlando) and showed off his game, covering everything from film-vs-digital, to megapixel madness, to getting the right color from your prints, to sharpening. It’s a fun, informative talk, and I’m clearly not the only one who thought so. Check out those mysterious characters in the foreground . . . the yarmulke and sculptural hair seem vaguely familiar.  Oh, and I edited Tim’s book so a) I’ve read it and b) I know what I’m talking about. And yes this is a plug. Plugs are good when they lead you to good stuff. Yes, you’re welcome.

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  • Yippee!!

    Glad to hear the Channels & Masks book is really coming - I’ve had it pre-ordered from Amazon since February!

  • Sorry for the (appearance of) delay

    Amazon had some bad info on the C&M book. We’re looking for a book by year’s end. These are demanding titles to assemble. But as with a good wine, my team insists on no One-on-One book before its time. If it’s any consolation it’s all looking very promising so far.

    In the meantime, Tim’s site and book are first rate. Highly recommended.

  • Hey, that’s ME!

    I remember that session from Derrick and Tim. It was very interesting. Kudos for O’Reilly for actually having chairs, so that Barry and I could enjoy the questions and answers of the session and rest our weary feet from perusing the Photoshop World show floor.

    Mordy Golding

  • Tim

    Thanks for the heads up on Tim and his new book. Can anyone tell me, is this a Photoshop book or a Photography book? Based on what I see at Amazon it more Photography. Unfortunately there’s no “Search Inside” option on Amazon for the book.


    Head Camp Counselor
    Camp Photoshop

  • In my opinion, Tim’s specialty is technical clarification

    Although the book has lots of pretty pictures, Tim’s expertise is the tech stuff. So the book covers capture through output, but from the point of view of trying to clarify the technical questions, rumors, and ambiguity that’s out there frustrating people. The primary emphasis (meaning 7 out of 10 chapters) is on the “digital darkroom” which in this case is Photoshop, but there’s good camera based tech stuff too. Doesn’t look like O’Reilly has posted the TOC yet, but I could send along if you were interested. Send up a flag to Colleen[at]Deke[dot]com.

  • Note to Conference Manager: Mordy Gives Thumbs Up to Chairs

    Funny, our conference manager just asked our group which furniture we recommended for our Las Vegas Photoshop World booth. If you guys are going to be there, I’ll see if she can special order the “Mordy” and “Barry” embroidered directors chairs in time.

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