Camera Raw JPEG editing for the iPhoto Faithful

I know most of you dekeOtopians work and play and generally exist inside Photoshop. But for those of you who prefer the photo-wrangling power of iPhoto but want to still explore the pixel-domination of Adobe Camera Raw (or pure Photoshop for that matter), I made this quick video to explain how to set Preferences in both apps so that can actually happen. 

The question was inspired by a member of who saw some cool movies about what ACR could do for JPEGs but still wanted to use iPhoto as her photo database. The movie format was inspired by listening to Deke for several years. So I decided to take on three whole minutes of training while Deke recorded his entire Illustrator One-on-One course in the lyndaBooth next door. It gave me new insight into what both authors and viewers (and editors) endure in the video training process!

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