Channels & Masks Video Lesson 2: “The Anatomy of a Mask”

Beloved attendees of the dekeFestival, here is your second-helping of video goodness, "The Anatomy of a Mask," which I stole from Deke’s new book, Photoshop CS4 Channels and Masks One-on-One. As Deke notes (and I’m completely plagiarizing him here), masks tend to intimidate a lot of people. But they’re really just the digital equivalent of the traditional stencil. You paint inside the areas that the stencil (or mask) doesn’t cover; everything else is protected. The big difference is that the holes in the stencil are white, the protected areas are black, and the stencil in general is a heck of a lot more accurate. To watch a real-time comparison of stencils and masks—not to mention, learn why masks are so much better—watch the second video lesson.

Look for more videos soon, we’ll be posting them throughout the month in celebration of the release of the book (and our survival of that process). Once again, a disclaimer: that they are downsampled, so the legibility is lower than we would like. Which is why we will shortly provide, as a special opportunity for registered users of this site, the option to download all 12 full, hi-res QuickTime movies for a limited time (!). Keep an eye out for that. And lest you forget, every one of these videos is unique to Photoshop CS4 Channels and Masks One-on-One from O’Reilly Media and produced by industry leader

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  • Happy Flowers!

    Books! Delivered to my door!

    The Cheshire Cat can’t grin as wide as I am right now, and Josephine Baker can’t happy dance as frenetically.

    :-D !

    This post brought to you by Adobe Photoshop one-on-one; Adobe InDesign one-on-one; and David Byrne’s ‘Dance On Vaseline’. Wot a lovely day!

    Thank you. grin

  • DekePOD


    The C&M videos are great (as to be expected), but are they replacing the DekePODs?  My last fix was Dec. 9.  Me thinks you are taking too much license with “every-other-weekly” wink.  Happy New Year, btw.


  • Off to SF

    Deke and Colleen were getting ready for the book release and tour for the last couple of weeks. They’ll make some new Pods soon im sure. The videos you see are being shown to demonstrate the new Channels and Masks book coming out this week. Plus Deke said he is heading off to a vacation soon so maybe later this month, or next, we’ll have more DekePods.

  • Did you just get hacked? was redirected to an ‘account suspended’ page for a domain name that looked dodgy.

    Did anyone else get that?


  • Yep

    got that too. The owner of the site was advised to contact the billing department. Weird.

  • Yeah, that was fun

    Apparently that was some sort of security precaution. Didn’t have anything to do with billing.

  • At least it had no beasties

    Didn’t think it’d be about billing - these things are quite common, especially for someone with an increasingly high profile such as yourself. Script kiddies love an easy target and like to embarrass people for ‘teh lulz’. It’s when you get hacked by malicious code that you have to worry. Don’t want us dekeParishioners to be assaulted with automatic hardcore porn downloads, trojans, keyloggers and the like. These things are not unheard of, believe me. Been there. :(

  • Got mine

    today :D - Great stuff, thanks a ton! Can’t write now - must read.

  • Got Mine as Well

    Thank you kind lady for getting our prizes out so expeditiously. The books are indeed wondrous!



    Thomas Benner

    The Art Institute of Austin

    p.s. Colleen, I noticed the Sebastopol address. I am “like sooooo totally” jealous ‘cause you are just a hop, skip & a jump from Pt Reyes and Sir Francis Drake beach which I would argue is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Hope you are getting some good photos of that area.

    *sniffles a tad* at fond memories of the Bay Area (riots, fires, earthquakes and all) and hopes for future CA nature photos for us wandering Californians currently spread around the planet on various adventures. :•)-

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