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Hey gang,

We’re running a teensy weensy bit behind on today’s Martini Hour post. Technical difficulties, blah blah. It’s forthcoming and junk.

In the meanwhile I wanted you to know, when this episode does hit the stands, you’ll like it. Cuz we have something really terrific in store. This is one of my favorite shows ever. And for a change it has nothing to do with CS5 or Photoshop or Illustrator or anything Adobe. Much as we love them and that (seriously, big love), we decided to devote this week’s show to Apple and its much ballyhooed iPad. And—if you’ll forgive me the rather obvious visual analogy—we’re turning this particular hot topic on its head.

Apple's iPad examined, for all it's worth and a little more

Newsweek (my favorite 3-page tabloid) printed the recent cover story: “What’s So Great about the iPad? Everything.” and even adopted an Apple-like design template. But, as if to hedge its bets, the magazine wisely sold the back cover to Amazon for its Kindle. (Or perhaps Amazon wisely bought the space?)

Yes, we like the iPad. But we’re not so sure about the “Everything.” part. So we brought in the two best-informed experts we know, Macworld editors Chris Breen and Ben Long to duke it out. Only they went and agreed with each other! And in (might I add?) hilarious style.

Anyway, keep an ear peeled. It’ll be out soon.

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  • ipad

    Sounds good, look forward to hearing martini post.
    I like many people was disappointed that apple hadnt gone further and given the ipad multitask capabilties.. i was hoping for something like the many concept designs floating around the net prior to the release.

    If I could easily afford an ipad then yeh id buy one, but id rather wait til the next version comes out, with everything that was missing before.

    Hp slate and Archos tablets are on the right track but lack that apple wow factor.

    But yeh until the ipad multitasks il leave it to peewee to sum it all up;)

  • I must lack some kind of vision

    I too just don’t get the whole appeal of the iPad. Maybe I drank the wrong koolaid? Or was I out sick when Apple hypnotized everyone on this? I also don’t think you can trust what media outlets like Newsweek or Time say because it’s a conflict of interest. We all know subscriptions and ad revenue is down—so these media outlets are gasping for air—they need something to justify their future, and so they write about it as if it is their own Messiah. I don’t believe a word of their gospel.

    I love my MacBook Pro, and I am willing to live with the shortcomings of my iPhone (not sure how much longer though). But an iPad ain’t in my future.

    Mordy Golding

  • Totally agree with Mordy,

    Totally agree with Mordy, the ipad on the market at the moment is well over rated and the Koolade everyone who has been hypnotised is drinking has a distinct apple flavor.
    It was rushed out as a marketing tool for the new ibooks application.
    Having said that the interest in tablet devices is strong and in afew years time we will def see more of these devices, and hopefully they will offer alot more than
    the ipad.
    For a good majority the ipad is nothing more than extra sweet eye candy and in this current economical climate it is not good value for money.

  • iPod

    Totally agree that the ipad on the market at the moment is well over rated and the Koolade everyone who has been hypnotised is drinking has a different apple flavor.

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