Create a Concentric Ring Logo in Adobe Illustrator

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Greetings from the lovely north California coast. We’re traveling with all three large boy-men and a small tree this week toward our Thanksgiving destination in Mendocino county, one of the loveliest, unspoiledest places in all of the loveliness that is my home state. Here’s the view from our current dining table at which I am working in peace while Deke and our three boys went out foraging for groceries:

The view from our Sea Ranch vacation spot

Here’s the small tree we’re traveling with for reasons that may or may not become clear:

Our traveling tree

This week’s free Deke’s Techniques subject is a fun Illustrator interwoven logo suggested by Facebook friend of Deke, Tamzid Hasan.

If you’re a member of Learning, you can check out the exclusive movie this week in which Deke turns that initial pattern into a continuous octagonal creation:

The octagon created in Illustrator

Deke’s Techniques, hoping that you have as many things for which to be grateful.


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